A liberal arts education doesn’t just prepare you for a career…

it prepares you for life.

A liberal arts education doesn’t just prepare you for a career... it prepares you for life.

A Liberal Arts = Preparation for Life!

Sure, you can earn a degree in a narrowly focused profession such as computer programming or even business management — but where does that leave you when those fields undergo significant changes in a world marked by rapid change? That’s where an education in the liberal arts — particularly a liberal arts education marked by high-impact educational practices — rises to the top. That’s precisely what Johnson State College excels in.

As Vermont’s premier public liberal arts college — marked by our status as Vermont’s sole member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges — we are committed to preparing students for success wherever their career paths take them. A degree from Johnson State College blends career-focused study with the breadth and depth of the liberal arts, creating graduates who can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world as careers and opportunities evolve. Our students reach beyond their major— pursuing multiple paths, cutting across disciplines, developing new perspectives and forging their own trails.

These are the practices that develop cultural literacy and critical-thinking, communication and problem-solving skills — the top skills in demand by today’s Fortune 500 executives.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the liberal arts were a collection of subjects free citizens had to master in order to become valuable members of society. Today at Johnson State College, we subscribe to these same, time-tested principles — with the added value proposition that the liberal arts are an essential foundation for future success in a changing world.

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Do research that changes the world — and your life

Do resesarch that changes the world - and your life

Ben, Danielle and Autumn spent their senior year in the lab alongside faculty biologists, studying how bacterial extremophiles can thrive at an old local mine contaminated by asbestos. Then they took their work to Washington, where they were selected to present their findings outside the halls of Congress. Their research has the potential to change the way scientists think about human infection and genomics — and get them a wicked head start on their careers.

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Freedom to go

wherever life takes you.

Freedom to go wherever life takes you

A Johnson State education gives you the depth to hit the ground running when you graduate, and the breadth to succeed wherever life leads you.

Miles Smith Jr.
Miles Smith Jr.

Miles was an Anthropology & Sociology major who went on to become an admissions counselor and the first head basketball coach at Wilson College and now is the Assistant Athletics Director at JSC!

Elisabeth von Trapp
Elisabeth von Trapp

Elisabeth was an Education major who followed in her famous family’s footsteps by pursuing a career as a successful singer and songwriter.

Angela Smith
Angela Smith

Angela earned her B.A. in Professional Studies through Johnson’s External Degree Program while working full time and raising a family.