Who is Johnson State?

Adventurers. Change-makers.

Drummers who march to our own beat.

The people at Johnson State are unquestionably different. We’re a close family that shares a passion for the world, and a compassion for the people we share it with.

Students who break the mold

Our English majors belong to the Finance & Investment Club. Political science majors design sets backstage at the Dibden theater. And everybody joins the Dance Club.

At JSC, you’re not defined by your major or one main interest — you’re encouraged to go after all of them! Because you never know where they might take you.

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Faculty who think beyond the textbook

Microbiology professor Liz Dolci stands alongside students in the lab, guiding DNA research that will give them a head start in the scientific community. Accomplished drama coach and former “Blue Man” Isaac Littlejohn Eddy works one-on-one in the studio, preparing student actors for the real-world stage. Professors like these take you beyond course material and help you apply it to a career that captures your true talents.


who know your name

Our small size helps, but the secret behind Johnson State’s supportive environment is our people. We have dining hall employees, counselors, resident advisors, and faculty mentors who know your triumphs, your struggles, and how many possibilities there are waiting for you in the future.

Come see for yourself why our college family could be the perfect one for you.

Alumni who make an impact wherever life takes them

We're proud of our 10,000+ alumni, who are making a difference in every corner of the world.