Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Studies

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The B.A. in Professional Studies is available only to students in the External Degree Program. This major offers adult learners the option of designing a plan of study to pursue a special interest not available through JSC's other majors.

It also allows EDP students, who may have college credits from a number of institutions and life experience, to weave together the threads of their prior learning into a coherent degree program. 

Students are asked to declare and explore an area of special emphasis while meeting the EDP general education and other requirements for a bachelor's degree.



  • At least 60 credits required before entrance into EDP and the major.
  • Completion of the EDP's general education program.
  • During the student's first semester, development and submission of a degree plan, including a narrative, that declares a focus of study and demonstrates integration of prior learning and proposed courses.
  • Successful completion of the coursework in the degree plan and other requirements for earning  a bachelor's degree through the EDP.

Course Descriptions and Program Details

For more information, see the Undergraduate Course Catalog.