B.A. Degree in Music

playing the saxaphoneMusic majors receive in-depth experience in theory, composition, performance, music education and studio recording. Accepted majors audition during the first year as part of the B.A. in music. Majors have a variety of performance opportunities, recitals, ensembles, Chorale and Chamber Singers, band, applied lessons, musicals and a very active music club. Additionally, a variety of professional musicians across the musical spectrum, perform at the Dibden Center for the Arts each year.

Students may concentrate in composition, vocal or instrumental performance (classical or jazz/contemporary), sound engineering or "Creative Pathways," which enables students to work with faculty to design a specialized area of focus.

B.A. in Music-Classical (Instrumental or Vocal Performance)

This program of study is designed for students who are already proficient in a classical instrument or voice and who are interested in advanced training in all areas of technique, musical theory, history and style. It is designed for students who are seriously interested in pursuing advanced degrees or careers in classical music performance, or in teaching music theory or history. Ensembles can include small string, wind and vocal chamber ensembles, Chamber Singers, Chorale and Chamber Singers and band. Graded juries are held each semester and a senior recital is required.

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B.A. in Music-Jazz/Contemporary (Instrumental or Vocal Performance)

This program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in jazz performance or contemporary music and who can demonstrate reasonable competency in at least one instrument or in voice.

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B.A. in Music-Sound Engineering

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B.A. in Music-Composition

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in Music-
Creative Pathways

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B.A. in Music Performance & Music Education

The music education program at Johnson State College provides a five-year, double major in Music Performance and Music Education that leads to State of Vermont Certification for all specializations in music, grades PK-12. This program guides students through the licensure procedures from the earliest levels of their collegiate education through to the completion of the student teaching internship, and includes requirements in instrumental, choral, and general music methods for all music education majors. The hallmark of the program is the comprehensive nature of the degree supported by strong curricular sequencing of the course work.

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B.A. in Musical Theater

The B. A. degree in Musical Theater will link already existing programs in theater, music and dance, relying primarily on present resources in the Performing Arts Department and creating several new classes unique to the demands of singer/actor training, a market whose growth in the New England area has been quite sturdy in the past decade. The program will require 55 credits in theater and music, including up to three classes in dance and an internship. This degree brings theater, music and dance together in a collaboration designed to enhance the employment possibilities/potential of singer/actors and widen their career prospects as performers — training them to compete in the musical theater market.

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  • In addition to the standard JSC application, all students applying to either a Music or Musical Theater program also must submit a Performing Arts Audition Application and a recorded audition. These changes are designed to enhance our growing Music and Musical Theater programs. Click here for Audition Guidelines and application