Biology Degree

The biology program at JSC focuses on the core sub-disciplines of biology and advanced studies in organisms and human and molecular biology. Some biologists probe ecological relationships among animals, plants and microorganisms, while others explore the system of organs and chemicals that comprise living things. Some work to solve the mysteries of disease, while others work to solve the mysteries of the gene.

Careers for JSC Biology Graduates

JSC biology graduates go on to careers as physicians, nutritionists, toxicologists, microbiologists, field naturalists, marine biologists, wildlife managers, science writers, teachers, agricultural scientists, foresters and wildlife managers.


Newly Renovated Science Facilities

Biology students at JSC benefit from the stellar facilities in our newly renovated Bentley Hall science building, which reopened in fall 2011 with new cellular, molecular and Earth sciences laboratories and other state-of-the-art equipment. They also have access to abundant outdoor "laboratories" throughout central Vermont, including JSC's Babcock Nature Preserve.

Undergraduate Research, Faculty Mentors

Students pursuing study in biology have two degree options at JSC: the Bachelor of Arts in Biology: Field Naturalist, or the Bachelor of Science in Biology: Pre-Med. Both programs emphasize hands-on, faculty-mentored student research,

during which students work side-by-side with their professors on major research projects. In recent years, JSC students have presented at conferences with their professors and selected for the prestigious "Posters on the Hill" event in Washington, D.C., at which students present their research to members of Congress.

B.A. Biology: Field Naturalist Requirements

B.S. Biology: Pre-Med Requirements

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