Master of Arts Degree in Counseling

the QuadA Professional Degree for Working Professionals

The JSC master's in counseling program is designed to meet the needs of counseling personnel in public agencies, schools and higher education institutions. We seek to provide professionals with an understanding of and proficiency in counseling theory and skills.

The program combines a core of courses in general counseling, elective courses and an internship specifically tailored to your occupational interest. You may specialize in school counseling (including college counseling) or mental health and addictions counseling. Whenever possible, faculty individualize the program to meet each student's specific career objectives. Individually designed internships are developed with area agencies, schools, businesses and colleges.

Most courses are offered in the late afternoon or evenings, on weekends and in the summer. Students generally require three to four years to complete the master's degree; all students are required to complete their programs in five years. Selected courses are open to non-degree students on a space-available basis. For specific degree requirements, click here.


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