Anthropology & Sociology Degree

A student examines soil during an archeological dig.

Society, Culture, Power and People

The anthropology and sociology major teaches you to appreciate, understand and investigate how diversity and social structural arrangements among people affect the distribution of power around the globe. Students study how this distribution of power impacts the possibilities for people to co-exist in a fair, socially just world and to personally live robust and ecologically sustainable lives.

Courses such as Anthropology of Death, Gender and Society, and Religion, Culture and Alternate Realities offer a global perspective on topics that have shaped, affected and intrigued humans since civilization began.

Career Possibilities

The anthropology and sociology degree prepares you for careers that require people-management skills in a complex global world. Examples include:

  • Social work
  • Police/correctional agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Corporate personnel departments
  • Management


Anthropolgy and Sociology Degree Requirements

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