Our Community Values

Linked arms

At Johnson State College, we believe the success of a community is based on both a shared commitment to the basic core values of the community and the individual member’s sense of responsibility.

As a community centered on the growth and learning of its members, Johnson State College commits to:

  • An educationally purposeful community where faculty and students share academic goals and work together to strengthen teaching and learning on campus.
  • An open community where freedom of expression is uncompromisingly protected and where civility is positively affirmed.
  • A just community where the sacredness of the person is honored and diversity is pursued.
  • A disciplined community where individuals accept their obligations to the group.
  • A caring community where the well-being of each member is sensitively supported and service to others is encouraged.
  • A celebrative community where the heritage of the institution is remembered and where rituals affirming tradition are widely shared.

We are grateful to each member of this community for honoring these values and acting accordingly.

Did You Know

Keep it clean
JSC offers alcohol-free living in Arthur Hall, one of four residence halls on campus.
Interior Dorm