Visitor parking is available and located in three main parking areas.

Admissions/Martinetti Hall

From the Main Entrance, follow the road all the way to the end of the loop where you will encounter a stop sign. From that sign, turn right immediately into the faculty/staff parking lot. Take the left that runs in front of Martinetti Hall. You will see visitor parking spaces to your left, and also in front of the main entrance for Admissions.

Dibden Center for the Arts/Library

From the Main Entrance take the first right, following the signs to Dibden and the LLC (Library & Learning Center). Continue straight, after stopping at the stop sign. You will see visitor parking at the end of the lot and to your left.

Visual Arts Center

From the Main Entrance, take the second right into the Visual Arts Center parking lot. You will find visitor parking at the corner of the lot nearest the athletic fields, towards campus.

Parking Map

Parking map

Click on the image to open a pdf version of the campus parking map.