Initiatives & Reports


Reports to the vermont state colleges board of trustees

JSC President Barbara E. Murphy prepares a report for the VSC Board of Trustees prior to each scheduled meeting. Click here to for links to the current and past reports.

Strategic planning documents

Click to access these reports


JSC Policies & procedures

This document details the policies and procedures in place at JSC to guide us in carrying out our essential work of teaching and learning. They include academic policies, student rights and responsibilities, and administrative policies. Click here for a link to this document.

Accreditation Reports

Johnson State College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Click to access current and past accreditation documents.





Annual crime & fire safety report

This report provides statistics for crimes and fires that have occurred over the past three years on campus and in property owned or controlled by JSC. It also includes college policies concerning campus security. Click here for our current report.


state of the College reports

JSC President Barbara E. Murphy gives periodic addresses to members of the JSC community about JSC accomplishments and challenges. Click for transcripts of these addresses.

Vermont state colleges performance indicators

Click here for information about each of the five VSC institutions pertaining to enrollment numbers, retention and graduation rates, affordability, graduate outcomes and more.


vermont State Colleges Public Data

A variety of information and data is available from the Vermont State Colleges website about Johnson State College and our fellow VSC institutions. Click here to access this information.


PDF iconAnnual Report & Public Notice Non-Transient, Non-Community Water System