College Plan 2010-2015

JSC 2010-2015: A Plan for Access, Engagement & Success, Updated Jan. 27, 2011From the introduction to JSC 2010-2015:
A Plan for Access, Engagement & Success

While higher education is a sturdy and enduring social institution, it also is an extremely dynamic enterprise. Each generation of students has its own characteristics, aspirations and challenges.

Planning forces us to look at where we've been, assess where we are and envision our future -- a future aligned with stated goals and attainable resources. It insists that we evaluate our work, share our results, call current practices into question, and look at things in new ways.

By planning, we demonstrate confidence in JSC's future. We create a path for ongoing work, establish well-defined priorities, set milestones to evaluate our progress, and realign our compass to ensure that "true north" is always pointed toward student success and continued
institutional excellence.

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This working document outlines the college's vision for the next phase of its planning.

Last updated January 27, 2011