Accreditation Reports

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NEASC Final Report

Johnson State College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). You can read the NEASC final report here, compiled after a visit to campus in the fall of 2005.

Download NEASC's final report here.

Self-Study Report

Describing how the accreditation process works, NEASC notes, "Accreditation relies on a voluntary, peer review process... Each [review] relies on a 12-to-18-month self-study process undertaken by schools and colleges in regular review cycles. The goals are school effectiveness, improvement and public assurance. Unlike popular magazines, this does not involve ranking institutions, but rather, establishes a level of acceptable quality for all accredited institutions."

JSC's self-study report in its final form is available for review.

Download JSC's self-study report here.

These files are pdf documents, and require Adobe Reader. Click on the link to download Reader.


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