Sara-Ann Wolf

Sara-Ann Wolf

Class of 2012
Peru, NY

Major: Psychology

Favorite weekend activity: Swimming, hanging out with friends, playing Wii, reading

Career Plans: High school guidance counselor

"I ran for Student Government vice-president because I want to make sure that students' voices are heard. I am really interested in hearing people's ideas, and trying to find ways to make those ideas happen."

Sara-Ann Wolf looked at a number of different schools during her college search. JSC’s small size and beautiful campus stood out to her, but she says one thing really helped her decide: “I could just really picture myself being here, being in the classes, being on campus...”

She felt welcome here. For example, during a campus visit, Sara-Ann had the chance to sit in on part-time instructor Russ Weis' class. “It was really amazing,” she remembers. "He made sure I understood the material the class was talking about, even though I was just visiting from high school.”

Since enrolling at JSC, Sara-Ann has found that friendly professors who go out of their way to help students are pretty common at the college. When she started, she thought she would major in education, but as she started working on her general education requirements, she took some psychology courses. “I got really interested in psychology, and Professor Ellie Webber was really supportive. She helped me figure out that this was what I wanted to be doing.”

Sara-Ann says that Professor Webber's classes have changed not only her career path, but also her habits! She explains, "I had never been a fan of reading before, and this past semester Professor Webber had everyone in our Abnormal Psychology class pick out a book having to do with a personality disorder. This opportunity has opened up a new door to a new world of literature. By reading these books I have had a better understanding of what it is like to live with a personality disorder and the struggles people go through each day. Through the assignment I was not only able to learn more about different types of personality disorders but also a new genre that I am hooked reading about."

Sara has also been involved in the campus community. In addition to working as a tour guide, showing prospective students and their families the campus, Sara-Ann ran for and was elected to the position of vice-president of the Student Government Association. As vice-president, she says, “I want to make sure that students’ voices are heard. I am really interested in hearing people’s ideas, and trying to find ways to make those ideas happen.”

After graduating from JSC, Sara-Ann plans to pursue a master’s degree in counseling and then work in an educational setting as a guidance counselor. In the meantime, Sara continues to share her enthusiasm for the college with her peers and prospective students —in fact, she'll be an Orientation Leader for fall 2010, helping new students adjust to life at JSC — and contributes to keeping JSC the friendly, welcoming place she found it to be when she was making her college decisions.