Nikolaus Holm



Class of 2012
Amherst, MA

Major: Mathematics/Secondary Education

Favorite weekend activity: Working on vehicles, playing video games

Career Plans: Graduate school and teaching


"I’ve always had a desire to show others how to do math — even as a first grader I remember helping out other students.”

Nik Holm definitely manages to keep busy. The JSC mathematics and secondary education major regularly takes 18 (or more!) credits a semester, plays lacrosse, works as a resident assistant (R.A.) in college campus housing, and tutors fellow students in math. And he doesn't show any signs of wanting to slow down.

“I'm an R.A. as well a tutor in Academic Support Services.” And then, in the spring of 2011, Nik took advantage of JSC’s participation in the National Student Exchange program by spending a semester at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. In addition to getting to experience life at another college in another part of the country, “I was able to take some higher-level math classes there,” Nik explains.

Nik Holm tutoring a JSC student.Nik has a passion for teaching. “I’ve always had a desire to show others how to do math even as a first grader I remember helping out other students and I want to share it.” He does this as a tutor, and he notes that as an R.A., many of his residents take advantage of his math expertise to get assistance with their own work. Additionally, in the summer of 2010, Nik taught math to high school students as part of the Summer Study program at UVM. “I designed my own syllabi and lesson plans,” so he’ll get a taste of the classroom even before he fulfills his student teaching requirement for his secondary education licensure.

Nik is also a business minor. “I am an entrepreneur,” he explains. “Before I started at JSC, I had my own landscaping business. It was pretty successful and I could have kept expanding it, but instead I decided to go to college.” While he plans to go on to graduate school and then begin teaching, Nik doesn't rule out the possibility of running a business on the side. “I think that it’s possible for me to have a part-time business while I’m teaching,” he says.

When he’s not busy studying or tutoring, Nik enjoys wheeling and working on his own vehicles and playing video games with his friends. But he’s the first to admit that, right now, at least, he doesn’t have a lot of spare time!