Maria Lovelette



Class of 2012
Berkshire, VT

Major: Math

Favorite weekend activity: Community service, sports

Career Plans: Teaching


"JSC is close to my family, the tuition is really affordable, and I knew that I wanted to major in math and education, and JSC’s education program has a really excellent reputation.”

Maria Lovelette didn't begin her college career at Johnson State College, but when it became clear to her that the college she started at wasn't the right fit for her, she chose JSC.

“It was closer to my family, the tuition is really affordable, and I knew that I wanted to major in math and education, and JSC's education program has a really excellent reputation,” Maria explains.

Mathematics has always been one of Maria’s passions. “I love numbers, and I also love the challenge of math. I have always felt like it’s better to struggle with something that you enjoy rather than just do the easiest thing. And my professors are always there to help whenever I need it.”

Maria hopes to share her love of math with middle school children after she graduates. She agrees that working with children of that age can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge she relishes. “I’m already working with middle school kids as a softball coach and I love it. I really enjoy working with them and being a positive role model.”

In addition to coaching, Maria also plays softball at JSC as well as soccer. Next year, she plans to participate in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee on campus, a group which promotes student-athlete leadership opportunities as well as orchestrating community service activities for student athletes.

Athletics at JSC provide Maria with a sense of community that she really values. “Sports and life as member of a team are probably my favorite things about JSC,” she says. But she has found connections off the playing field, too. “My classmates are really great. I meet with them a lot in the library to work on projects and studying, and it’s really helpful.”

Ultimately, JSC has turned out to be the right place for Maria. She’s found a balance between academics, athletics, and community life that makes college a positive experience for her.