Full Moon Disc GolfJohnson State College offers a full complement of intramural and recreation activities for its student body, faculty and staff. Intramural activities include both seasonal leagues (i.e. indoor soccer, basketball & floor hockey) and one-night events (i.e. hikes & tournaments).

Games and activities are organized to be fun & competitive so everyone involved can have a great experience. Our basketball league games will have an A & B bracket and other activities will be designed for co-ed participation. All league games will have a sportsmanship component to keep games safe and enjoyable. All intramural and recreation activities are drug- and alcohol-free events. Please see the Intramural Handbook for further details.

Wendy Velander coordinates all intramural activities. To obtain more information or rosters, look on the bulletin boards in the SHAPE Facility, call 802-635-1334, or send an email to Registration for tournaments, signing up for the Free Agent List, or adding your name to other one-day events, may be done by sending an email as well.


Did You Know

That's right, "frolf"


Students can enjoy a round of disc golf, a.k.a. "frolf," at our 18-hole course.

Frolf Image