Residence Halls

a dorm room on campus


Arthur Hall

Arthur Hall is our suite-style residence hall. Each suite has four rooms. Most rooms are doubles, though there is limited single room availability. The common area of each suite has couches and cable hookup.

Layout of Arthur Hall

Arthur is a Wellness Living community. This means that residents sign an agreement not to possess, consume, or be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while in the building. We also encourage proactive wellness-friendly measures from the building's staff and students.

A mix of first-year students and upperclassmen inhabit this space at the head of the campus quad. Many residents appreciate Arthur's proximity to Dibden Center for the Arts.

Floors are co-ed, though each suite is single-sex. Residents share responsibility for the common area of the suite.


Governors Hall

Governors Hall houses all first-year students and is the center of much of our First-Year Experience programming. The building is co-ed by floor, meaning that each floor is single-sex but there are both men's and women's floors on each wing.

On the lower level, there is a spacious recreation and meeting room students can use to study together or relax after studying together. 

Governors and Senators Halls layout

Each floor in Governors has single, double, and triple rooms.For more about how rooms are assigned, see the Housing Assignment Procedures page.

Two floors of Governors are designated Wellness Living. Residents will sign an agreement not to possess, consume, or be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while on the South Wing, second or third floor.

Martinetti Hall

The first floor of Martinetti Hall houses administrative offices and a classroom, while part of the second floor houses the Business and Hotel and Tourism Management departments.

Upper floor rooms are considered prime housing. Upperclassmen who sign up for Martinetti must meet an overall GPA requirement of 2.5 and have no active discipline file.

A sketch of a Martinetti Room

The building is co-ed by door, meaning same-sex roommates have opposite-sex neighbors. The second floor has one bathroom, which is co-ed. The bathrooms on the third floor are single-sex.

Special Living & Learning Communities are housed in Martinetti as well. Current communiites include those for participants in the START science scholars program and for first-year students majoring in business and hospitality and tourism management.


Senators Hall

Many students choose Senators Hall because of its place away from the center of campus and its proximity to SHAPE and the Visual Arts Center.

Governors and Senators Halls layout

While the majority of Senators Residents are sophomores, upperclassmen and new students reside there as well. The building is co-ed by floor.

Each floor contains single, double, and triple rooms. For more about how these rooms are assigned, please see our Housing Assignment Procedures page.



College Apartments

  • JSC also offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments for JSC students.
  • Students must complete an eligibility form and meet specific criteria to live in the apartments.
  • Call the Business Office in Martinetti Hall at 802-635-1207 for more information about living in the College Apartments.

Read more about the College Apartments