Learning Communities

Connect and Succeed

Art students on trip to Istanbul, Turkey in 2014A big part of college success is making connections -- with other students and with your professors. And as a first-year student at Johnson State, there's no better way to build connections than belonging to a Learning Community, or LC.

LCs are small groups of students who take two classes together and participate in a variety of activities all organized around a common theme that matches your interests -- so from day one you're making friends with people who share those interests. And because LCs are small, you're building close-knit relationships with your professors as well.

LCs build bridges -- between the academic and co-curricular parts of your education and between learning on campus and off, whether that means a field trip to Boston or dinner at a faculty member's home. A retreat within the first three weeks of classes, monthly shared meals, and other activities round out the experience and help you form close relationships with your professors and peers.

Students in LCs tend to make smoother transitions to college life, do well academically and succeed through graduation.

2014-15 Learning Community Options

Art & Human Diginity: A Learning Community for First-Year Art Majors at JSC

Art is a reflection of the human experience, shaped by the social, cultural and political environment in place at any given time. Throughout history, art has played a profound
role in social and political movements. This LC explores art as a force for positive change. Among other things, we'll examine how wars have influenced artists and art, how artmaking has played a role in promoting human rights, ethical issues in the art world.

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Go Globull! A Learning Community for First-Year Business Majors at JSC

We all know about the global problems of poverty, starvation, war, human rights abuses, and lack of education. The question is: What can we do to solve these problems? How can we live in Vermont and change the world? Our Learning Community explores global problems that can be addressed locally -- and successfully -- through the application of standard and evolving business practices.

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