First-Year Seminars

First-year seminars provide new JSC students with 15 or fewer credits a chance to participate in a small, collaborative class with other new students.


First-Year Seminar FAQ

What's in it for me?
This is a chance to take an interdisciplinary course in your first year. These course combine studies in more than one subject area and also involve a lively and exciting exchange of ideas.

Can such a course make a difference to my educational experience at JSC?
Absolutely! A First-Year Seminar course can help you develop and enhance skills that you can use for the rest of your life. These include critical thinking, effective communication, informed evaluation and improved writing skills.

The First-Year Seminar courses seem advanced; will I really be able to take them with my background?
Yes! By virtue of being small and taught by experienced faculty, the pace and material can easily be tailored to the background and abilities of the participants. These courses are intended as collaborative learning environments where students and faculty can learn easily from one another.