2008 Common Reading Initiative Guide

Questions to Guide Your Reading

1. How do the descriptions in Chris Rose's book differ from or jibe with your previous exposure through the media to Katrina's effect on New Orleans?

2. What drew Chris Rose to New Orleans and made him stay? How did Katrina and its aftermath affect his commitment to the city?

3. Hurricane Katrina has had a powerful effect on the residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. What are some of the positive and some of the negative ways that Rose and the people he talks about in 1 dead in attic have coped with the effects of the storm?

4. A community's response to disaster reveals a lot about the area's strengths and weaknesses before the crisis. How would you evaluate the strengths and/or weaknesses of New Orleans as a community before Katrina? How would you imagine your own community would react to a disaster or crisis? The JSC campus community? The local communities around Johnson?

5. What are some of the questions you have about Katrina that you wish Chris Rose would have discussed or that you want to know more about?