Snowboarding/Skiing Club

The ski and snowboard club is a popular club on campus. They put on several Rail Jams each semester for students to come hangout and show there show skills. With their terrain park on campus many students never have to go that far if they decide not to go to the mountains in the area. This park is run and kept up by the students making sure that there is plenty to do. If you’re a person that skis, rides or just wants to try it out come to one of their meetings.

Mission Statement

Our mission for this year is to get more people on campus active in skiing and snowboarding and to get the park up and running. We want people on campus to get more active outside this winter, and are hoping that a well-maintained park will help. The park will be open to the Johnson community and no one will be excluded from joining us on our trips to mountains. We would like to see all members of the club feel a sense of accomplishment from each individuals involvement in the clubs activities during the year, whether it is through community volunteer work, or through involvements that helps aid and build the club.