Knit Wits

You may find yourself wondering, “Why on earth would I want to be known as a Knit Wit?” The answer is this: because knitting is practical, peaceful, creative, and above all, mind-blowingly awesome. The Knit Wits use their powers only for good, providing handmade items to people in need. The Knit Wits helped make hats and scarves for the Occupiers, and were also involved with creating teddy bear outfits for toys to be donated to children through United Way. We also make items on commission for anyone who is willing to donate to the club, and the money generated from these commissions go either straight back into purchasing more materials for the members, or is donated to a charity.

And don’t worry — the Knit Wits are a non-discriminating bunch. While we clearly love knitting, we also welcome crochet, looming, macrame, even friendship-bracelet making. Basically, if it involves some kind of string and you have fun making things, you should come by and visit!