New Student Registration FAQ

When will my student be registered for classes?
First-year students and transfer students entering JSC with fewer than 15 accepted credits will be assigned an initial class schedule by academic advisors. Each student's first semester class schedule is developed by a team of academic advisors in consultation with faculty members and academic departments. (Subsequent semester schedules are determined by the student in collaboration with an academic advisor).

In planning your student's first semester schedule, we are committed to placing him/her in the appropriate first-term major and general education courses. Every class your student is registered for will count toward degree requirements, and will be based on the information he/she gives us on the Class Selection Survey. (The survey is located on the MyJSC Portal, and can only be accessed by your student, using his or her login information.)

Transfer students entering JSC with 15 or more accepted credits will register for classes with an advisor in the Advising & Career Center. This may be done by appointment and can take place in person or over the phone.

Once we receive your student's official transcripts, we will evaluate them for transfer credit and record their applicability toward degree requirements on his/her Program Evaluation. The Program Evaluation is a tool that helps your student track progress toward graduation. Your student should look at Web Services to be sure that we have included these units on his/her record. Please keep in mind, though, that sometimes it takes several weeks after the end of the grading period for a school to mail out transcripts.

Will my student be able to change his/her schedule?
Academic advisors will be available throughout the summer to assist your student with scheduling adjustments to include elective coursework or to reflect a change of major should the need arise. You will receive more information about this at Summer Orientation.

Why do you pre-assign students a course schedule rather than letting them choose their own courses for their first term?
In pre-assigning course schedules we aim to:
• Ensure all first-semester students' schedules contain courses relevant to their degree plan and interests.
• Guarantee that courses taken in the first semester will be counted toward general education and/ or major requirements.
• Provide equity with regard to course selection. In years past, students coming to the first registration day often filled the most desirable sections.
• Ease the anxiety of first-semester students. Knowing that their course schedules start them off on the right foot toward completing their JSC degree, first-semester students should be able to turn their focus on preparing for life at JSC without fear of "getting into" a needed course.
• Provide all incoming students with "fair" schedules; no students are privileged with better schedules to the detriment of their peers.

What factors contribute to the selection of courses for first-semester students?
Your student's schedule utilizes the following information that he/she provided on the New Student Survey:
• Ranking of First-Year Seminar preferences
• Indication of General Education subject interests,
• AP scores, and other transfer credits if applicable
• Intended major
• For students involved in college athletics, we have also factored in practice times provided by the Athletics Department.
• The schedule was developed with input from Academic Advising staff and the respective academic divisions.

What if I have concerns about my student's pre-assigned schedule?
If we have created a schedule that is not viable based on misinformation or information we did not have, we have academic advisors available by phone to assist your student with schedule changes throughout the summer. You will receive instructions for adjusting your schedule at Summer Orientation.

We only pre-select courses for students the first semester. In subsequent semesters all students will select their courses in consultation with their academic advisor.