Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


FERPA regulations state that while a student is in high school, parents have the right to access the student’s education record. Once a student enrolls at a post-secondary institution those rights transfer to the student.


A student's education record at JSC includes, but is not limited to, items such as grade reports, transcripts, billing and financial aid information. College students have the right to view their education record, to request amendments if they believe there are inaccuracies, and, if they desire, to authorize other individuals to access their record.


Why would you authorize another person to access your record?

Many students find it helpful to give their parents to access their records so they can discuss the student’s accounts with College officials— the bill statement, for example. If you decide not to authorize another to access your account, the College may not discuss your record with them.


How does my student authorize someone to have access to his or her record?

Your student will need to complete the online FERPA Authorization Form. When completing the form, your student will create an “access code” which he or she will need to give to the person(s) he or she authorizes. The authorized person will need to provide this access code to College officials when requesting information from your educational record. A link to the full FERPA policy is available from the form.


To access the online FERPA form, your student must:

1) Log in to MyJSC at

2) Find the Web Services menus on the bottom of the page

3) Select “Student Academic Profile”, then “FERPA Authorization Form.”