Counseling Services

Information for Parents

Parents and caregivers of Johnson State College students are sometimes interested in the services we offer at the Counseling Center. We hope the information on this website will answer your questions. If you have questions that are not addressed here, or you would like to consult with one of our counselors, please give us a call at 802-635-1265.

Are you concerned about your student?

While at college, students will be faced with a great many personal, academic, and social stressors. Most will successfully navigate these challenges, while others may experience them as overwhelming and unmanageable. As a result, students may feel fearful, isolated, helpless, and alone.

This distress can negatively impact a student's academic performance, and lead to disruptive behaviors such as acting out, alcohol/drug abuse, and excessive isolation.
As a parent or caregiver, you are in a unique position. You may be one of the first to recognize when your son/ daughter is in distress or crisis. Expressing your interest or concern in your son/daughter's well-being can be critical towards helping him or her get the assistance that is needed. This could save a student's academic career, and bring tremendous potential to their quality of life.

If Your Student is in Crisis

If a crisis occurs during business hours, a student may come to the Counseling Center and request to be seen by a counselor. If a crisis occurs after business hours or on a weekend, the student may call the Lamoille County Mental Health Emergency Services at 802-888-4914 and request to speak with the on-call counselor.

Consultation Is Available

If you have questions or concerns about your son/daughter, the counselors at the Counseling Center are available to speak with you. They can assist you in assessing the situation and its seriousness, and in making a referral. A consultation may help you identify ways you can be most effective with your son/daughter, and in locating campus resources that you can suggest to him/her. Please know that if your son/daughter is receiving services at the Counseling Center, we will not be able to provide information about these services due to our adherence to client confidentiality. If your son/daughter feels it would be beneficial to their therapy to permit a conversation between counselor and parent, they may sign the appropriate release forms with their counselor.

Limitations of Our Services

On occasion a student may have needs that are beyond what our center is designed to offer. These may include chronic or severe mental health problems, or other conditions that may require close monitoring. In such instances, our staff will facilitate obtaining appropriate treatment for the student.