Frequently Asked Questions

What programs are on the computers in the labs and classrooms?

Here's a sample of the programs we currently use at JSC:

  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS
  • Stella
  • Arc View
  • Adobe CS5

Are Internet access and email service available on campus?

All computer facilities are fully networked, and provide full access to the Internet and the campus electronic mail system. In addition to these facilities, students can access the Internet from the residence halls, if they bring their own computer.

Do I need to buy my own computer to bring to JSC?

No. JSC has many computer labs on campus, including a 24-hour lab in the Willey Library and Learning Center.

If I do buy my own computer, does the college recommend a particular brand of computer or operating system?

No. Students may purchase whatever type of computer they prefer.

Does the college offer any discounts on purchasing computers and software?

  • Check out the details about the Dell Computer Purchasing Program; purchases are made directly with Dell, and students, faculty and staff receive a 10% discount. 
  • Apple offers educational discounts to students and faculty; go directly to Apple’s website for more details. 
  • Through the college’s software licensing agreement with Microsoft, we’re able to offer several Microsoft products at a significantly reduced price for students, including Office for the Mac. Further details are available to students on the MyJSC portal


What do I need to be connected to the Internet from the residence halls?

You will need an Ethernet patch cable, which can be purchased at your local electronics store or at the JSC bookstore.

Is wireless connectivity available on campus?

Wireless is currently available in the residence halls, Willey Library, MARS/MARX, Bentley Hall, the Visual Arts Center, Stearns, Dewey Hall, McClelland Hall classrooms, the Business and Economics department, and in most common areas and conference rooms across campus.

Can I bring my own personal wireless access point (AP) or router and set it up in my room?

No. Only wireless APs and routers that are owned, configured, and supported by Johnson State College Information Technology Services are permitted. Personal wireless access points are considered to be "rogue" APs, and a violation of the VSC's Computing and Telecommunications Technology Conditions of Use Policy.

Will the JSC Information Technology Services department fix my computer or printer?

JSC ITS is responsible for repairing college-owned equipment only. However, we will attempt to help you diagnose a problem and recommend a repair center, if necessary. When buying a new computer, an extended three-year warranty package is a good investment and does eliminate any quandary as to where and how to get a hardware or software problem resolved.

What happens to my email and network accounts when I graduate?

Network and email accounts are disabled after three semesters of non-enrollment.