What Can I Do With a Major In...?

Many students decide upon their major early in their college career; however, few actually know what their career options will be after graduation. "What Can I Do With a Major In. . . ?" provides students with a description of many majors and potential careers associated with the degree, the skills needed for such careers.

The major you select is just one factor contributing to your eventual career choice. Your experiences, interests, values, and skills may lead you in directions you have never considered.

There are thousands of careers in which the work is more related to the skills (critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, etc.) gained from your college experience than the specific knowledge you have learned. For example, there are chemistry majors who have become business managers, writers who majored in math, and sociology majors who have become chefs.

It is important to consider the career possibilities when selecting a major, but do not feel locked in. Also consider your interest in the subject and the valuable skills and perspective you will gain through the college experience.

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