JSC Introduces Biodiesel Bus

Badger Bullet

A biodiesel shuttle bus to ferry students to a ski resort and nearby towns is the latest eco-friendly effort by Johnson State College.

Two major sponsors - Smugglers' Notch and The Buzz (99.9 FM) radio station - teamed with the college to combat climate change to reduce harmful CO2 emissions blamed for global warming.

The 14-seat shuttle nicknamed the "Badger Bullet" bears colorful graphics with the sponsors' logos, and is handicapped-accessible. It makes weekend runs to nearby Smugglers' Notch and Burlington, and regular weekday trips to Morrisville.


Built by Mid-Bus of Ohio, the shuttle's Chevy turbo-max diesel engine runs on B5 bio-diesel, a mix of diesel and 5 percent biodiesel made from soy beans. Bio-diesel reduces emissions by recycling existing carbons in the environment versus burning buried fossil fuels.


The B5 biodiesel is supplied by Jack F. Corse, Inc., of Cambridge, a provider of 100,000 gallons of fuel annually to farms and trucking companies.


In addition to the shuttle, Jack F. Corse, Inc. will supply B5 biodiesel for the college's two tractors, bucket-loader and snowplow.


Although B5 biodiesel is 8-to-10 cents more expensive than diesel, the college is committed to reducing harmful emissions.


"Johnson State College is grateful to Smugglers' Notch and The Buzz for joining forces with us in this important environmental program to reduce harmful emissions with the launch of the biodiesel Badger Bullet," said college communications and marketing coordinator Stephen Mills.

The Badger Bullet is the latest effort by the college to reduce its environmental impact. Other noteworthy environmental programs include: Composting 100 tons of food waste a year to reduce the college's waste stream by 75 percent and save $3,000 to $4,000 annually; changing light fixtures in college buildings to more energy-efficient lights that also reduce ventilation costs in summer; creating an indoor organic herb garden; and building a new oven to bake organic bread.


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