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Margie Thompson, SSJ, M.F.A. is an artist and a Sister of St Joseph, a certified spiritual director and supervisor of spiritual direction. She is an Associate Professor of Art at Chestnut Hill College. A practicing artist, Margie exhibits her art works and has won awards and commissions. Using slides of her art work and other creative activities, she gives retreats and programs on themes of art, spirituality, women’s issues and Evolutionary Theology and Spirituality. In addition, she brings expertise in these areas to spiritual Direction.

Atmospheric Colors and Encounters in the Landscape

In this body of work I am exploring atmospheric colors and landscape as a metaphor for spiritual experience. The theme of “the burning bush” from the Book of Exodus recurs as well as the dynamic play of light and darkness and point toward the possibility of a similar mystical encounter in the landscape. Margie believes that such encounters are available to all humans not just a specialized few and do, in fact, occur frequently.


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