Message from the President

President Barbara E. MurphyCommencement is the highlight of the academic year — not just for the graduates, but for those of us who guide students through their educations. Faculty, in particular, take enormous pride in the accomplishments of the graduates as they move from successfully completing their JSC educations to the next great adventure. . . graduate school, new positions, joining family businesses, a commitment to service service.

For a college president, too, Commencement is an occasion to rejoice at the enormous personal and academic progress students have achieved. In community, students have mastered the subject matter of their chosen disciplines, demonstrated knowledge in areas across the curriculum, as well as less tangible life skills such as the ability to name a goal and follow it, to learn from others, and to reflect back on an education that has the power to serve you well beyond your time at Johnson State College.

Barbara E. Murphy

President, Johnson State College