Library News & Reviews:
Spring 2014

What's In

You can keep the Willey Library close at hand now that JSC has released its new mobile app for downloading to a smartphone. Along with college news, calendars, and schedules, a tab for the library is prominent on the screen and links directly to our website. We’ve been testing access to the catalog and databases with very positive results. Once you login with your MyJSC ID, you are able to place requests for books or to locate full text of articles online. Compared with our experience in using separate apps for different databases, (i.e., Gale or EBSCO), the JSC app is remarkably simplified and mirrors more closely our website access to essential library resources. We welcome your feedback as we continue to explore different ways of maximizing access to our collection.

What's Out

Have you noticed the book truck of free books and other items in the lobby of the LLC? We have been methodically updating our collections and replacing worn, little-used or superseded editions of reference books that are now looking for a new home. Technical Services Librarian Ray Brior has been leading the charge in this massive undertaking, which involves evaluating book donations; selecting titles to complement or fill gaps in our collection; editing bibliographic records in the system; and moving hundreds of books to the stacks or out the door. There is a sign in Ray’s office that reads “Shift Happens” which sums it up and says it all.

What's Updated

Several of our database vendors have launched--or expect to unveil--updated interface designs for their products. Sporting new looks for the new year are LexisNexis Academic and Credo Reference. The jury is still out on improvements in functionality, so do let us know if you need help in navigating these popular databases. Credo Reference also has added titles to the core academic collection. Among them are Masterworks, a collection of videos on great names in art history, and American Constitutional Law: The Structure of Government. These and other electronic sources will be included in our subject guides, with links directly to the titles for easy access.

If you ask any of our staff, they will say that staying abreast of the inevitable change in libraries is an exhilarating challenge. But the best part of our job is working with you to help make sense of it all. We look forward to your questions and conversations in person and online in the coming semester.

Best wishes,

The JSC Willey Library Staff