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Information Literacy Standard: Vermont State Colleges

In September 2001, the VSC proposed that all students meet a graduation competency for information literacy modeled on the Association of College and Research Libraries' (ACRL) Competency Standards for Higher Ed at

Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Ed

Associate's and Bachelor's degree candidates must meet the VSC standard for information literacy as a requirement for graduation. The standard addresses a student's ability to:

1. Define a research topic and the information needed.
2. Use a variety of traditional and electronic resources to collect and organize that information.
3. Evaluate the information and its sources critically.
4. Acknowledge and document the sources needed.

Information Literacy Component in First Year Seminars

JSC faculty have designed first year seminars to meet the following objectives: 1) Explore interdisciplinary content;

2) Promote extended classroom experiences; 3) Offer experiential learning opportunities; and 4) Include an information literacy component.  In these seminars, librarians deliver introductory sessions which serve as the foundation of a developmental program for information literacy instruction at Johnson State College.

    We have created an online guide with resources for FYS faculty which supplements The JSC Faculty Handbook for Information Literacy. (See Sidebar.) In the guide you will find links to Project Information Literacy research reports, information about the JSC Graduation Standard and TILT, plus a menu of different types of sessions faculty can request for library instruction.

    Link to the guide:

    Information Literacy: An Essential Learning Outcome.

    Students satisfy the graduation standard for information literacy by successfully completing the VSC TILT tutorial and the four related assessments mounted on Moodle, the VSC course management system. During New Student Summer Orientation, students will be registered for GRS-3000-J02 and encouraged to take the tutorial and assessments prior to their arrival on campus for fall semester.  TILT serves as a review, refresher and reinforcement of research skills essential to producing college-level work.

    To arrange for a class session and for more information about the graduation standard or embedding information literacy throughout the curriculum, contact Instructional Services Librarian Linda Kramer. 










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