New Acquisitions: April 2008

This month our list of new items is arranged in call number order and includes books, videos and reference books.

Magazines for libraries.
R 050.25 M27 2008

Vermont directory of foundations.
Vermont 061.743 V592 2007

Tough guise [videorecording] : violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity
DVD 155.332 T643

Howard Rosenthal
Vital information and review questions for the NCE and state counseling exams [sound recording]
CD Audiobk 158.3076 R727v 2005

Brent W. Roberts and Robert Hogan, eds.
Personality psychology in the workplace
158.7 P432

Elizabeth Rapley
The d*evotes : women and church in seventeenth-century France
271.90044 R181d

Susan A. Wheelan, ed.
The handbook of group research and practice
R 302.3072 H191 2005

David D. Chrislip
The collaborative leadership fieldbook : a guide for citizens and civic leaders
303.34 C461c

Rachel Ginnis Fuchs
Gender and poverty in nineteenth-century Europe
305.4896942 F951g

Betty A. Dobratz and Stephanie L. Shanks-Meile
The white separatist movement in the United States :"white power, white pride!"
305.800973 D655w 2000

Terence J. Fitzgerald, ed.
Celebrity culture in the United States
306.0973 C33

Bernard Spolsky and Francis M. Hult, eds.
The handbook of educational linguistics
306.44 H191

Courtney E. Martin
Perfect girls, starving daughters : the frightening new normalcy of hating your body
306.4613 M363p

Statistical abstract of the United States
R 317.3 Un3s 2008

Mattias Gardell
Gods of the blood : the pagan revival and white separatism
322.420973 G166g

Michael Newton, Michael
The Ku Klux Klan : history, organization, language, influence and activities of America's most notorious
secret society
322.420973 N485k 2007

Wyn Craig Wade
The fiery cross : the Ku Klux Klan in America
322.420973 W119f 1998

Gurdon Brewster
No turning back : my summer with Daddy King
323.0973 B758n

Vermont legislative directory and state manual
Vermont 328.743 V592Ld 2007-2008

Minerals yearbook
R 338.2 M662 2005 v.3 Afr/M.E.

Minerals yearbook
R 338.2 M662 2005 v.3 L.Am/Ca

Leo Troy
Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios
R 338.50973 T759a 2008

State of the world : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society.
R 338.9 B813s 2008

David Cay Johnston
Free lunch : how the wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at government expense (and stick you with
the bill)
338.97302 J642f

CCH Tax Law
Top multistate tax issues for ... CPE course
R 343.73052 T62 2008

Commerce Clearing House
State tax handbook
R 344 St29 2008

Vermont planning, development and land use laws annotated.
Vermont 344.046 V592vp 2008

Stephen Fishman
The public domain : how to find & use copyright-free writings, music, art & more
R 346.730482 F539p 2006

Faith J.H. McDonnell and Grace Akallo
Girl soldier : a story of hope for northern Uganda's children
355.0083 M146g

Andy Robinson
Selling social change (without selling out) : earned income strategies for nonprofits
361.763 R56s

Andy Robinson
Big gifts for small groups : a board member's 1-hour guide to securing gifts of $500 to $5,000
361.7632 R56b

Mike Lew
Victims no longer : the classic guide for men recovering from sexual child abuse
362.764 L58v 2004

Jeannette Walls
The glass castle : a memoir
362.82092 W159g

Margi Laird McCue
Domestic violence : a reference handbook
R 362.8292 M139d 2007

Jonathan Isham and Sissel Waage, eds.
Ignition : what you can do to fight global warming and spark a movement
363.73874 Ig5

Phipip Dray
At the hands of persons unknown : the lynching of Black America
364.134 D797a 2002

Bruce A. Marlowe and Alan S. Canestrari, eds.
Educational psychology in context : readings for future teachers
370.15 Ed83c

Nel Noddings
Critical lessons : what our schools should teach
370.152 N675c

Camille J. Bunting
Interdisciplinary teaching through outdoor education
371.38 B886i

Dick Prouty, Jane Panicucci and Rufus Collinson, eds.
Adventure education : theory and applications
371.384 Ad96

Tom Smith and Pete Allison
Outdoor experiential leadership : scenarios describing incidents, dilemmas, and opportunities
371.384 Sm67o

Robert Schirrmacher
Art and creative development for young children
372.5044 Sch35a 2006

Sandra Hayes and Lyle Yorks, eds.
Arts and Societal Learning : Transforming Communities Socially, Politically, and Culturally
374.015 Ar79

John Man, John
Alpha beta : how 26 letters shaped the Western world
411 M311a

Julianne Lutz Newton
Aldo Leopold's odyssey
508.092 L555 BN484a

Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow
A briefer history of time
523.1 H313br 2005

George O. and Roberta Poinar
What bugged the dinosaurs? : insects, disease, and death in the Cretaceous
560.45 P75w

Benjamin Caballero, editor-in-chief
Encyclopedia of human nutrition
R 613.203 En19 2005 v.1-4

Laurence Gonzales, Laurence
Deep survival : who lives, who dies, and why : true stories of miraculous endurance and sudden death
613.69 G589d

John M. Barry
The great influenza : the story of the deadliest pandemic in history
614.518 B279g 2005

Judith Lewis Herman
Trauma and recovery
616.8521 H426t 2001

Aimee Liu
Gaining : the truth about life after eating disorders
616.8526 L74g

Josef Spiegel
Sexual abuse of males : the SAM model of theory and practice
616.858369 Sp43s

Temple Grandin
Thinking in pictures : and other reports from my life with autism / Temple Grandin
616.85882 G746t 2006

Adult psychiatric diagnosis [videorecording] : using the DSM-IV-TR
DVD 616.89075 Ad93

Adult psychiatric diagnosis [videorecording] : using the DSM-IV-TR
DVD 616.89075 Ad93 Guide

Recognizing the DSM-IV-TR [videorecording] : personality disorders
DVD 616.89075 R245

Recognizing the DSM-IV-TR [videorecording] : personality disorders
DVD 616.89075 R245 Guide

Peter E. Nathan and Jack M. Gorman
A guide to treatments that work
616.891 G941 2007

Thomas J. D'Zurilla and Arthur M. Nezu
Problem-solving therapy : a positive approach to clinical intervention
616.8914 D999p 2007

Carl R. Rogers
Carl Rogers--dialogues : conversations with Martin Buber, Paul Tillich, B.F. Skinner, Gregory Bateson,
Michael Polanyi, Rollo May, and others
616.8914 R631ca

Irvin D. Yalom and Molyn Leszcz
The theory and practice of group psychotherapy
616.89152 Y12t 2005

Michael L. Bloomquist and Steven V. Schnell
Helping children with aggression and conduct problems : best practices for intervention
618.9289 B623h 2005

Andy Robinson
Grassroots grants : an activist's guide to grantseeking
658.15224 R56g 2004

Andy Robinson
Great boards for small groups : a 1-hour guide to governing a growing nonprofit
658.422 R56g

Vance Packard
The hidden persuaders
659.1019 P125h 2007

Whitney Chadwick
Women, art, and society
704.042 C346w 2007

Michel Nuridsany
China art now
709.51 N935c

The real thing : contemporary art from China
709.51 R229

Michael Sullivan
The arts of China
709.51 Su55a 1999

Rolf Toman
Gothic : architecture, sculpture and painting
723.5 G712 2007

Jodi Hauptman
Georges Seurat : the drawings
741.944 Se81 DH294g

Catherine R. Puglisi
759.5 C176 DP964c 2000

Jocelyn Bouquillard and Christophe Marquet
Hokusai, first manga master
769.92 K156 DB665h

Gian Carlo Calza
769.92 K156 JC139h 2004

Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Manuel
Manuel Alvarez Bravo : the eyes in his eyes
779.092 AL86m

Heidi Varian
The way of taiko
786.90952 V426w

Dances of the 7 continents, for kids & teachers. Volume 2 [videorecording]
DVD 789.438 D195ss v.2

Jason Hann
Yamama [sound recording] : West African dance rhythms
CD-Music 789.438 H195y

Princess Mononoke [videorecording]
DVD 791.4334 P935 2000

Vampire hunter D [videorecording]
DVD 791.4334 V257i 2000

John Gallagher
Geisha : a unique world of tradition, elegance, and art
792.70280952 G135g

Erick Hawkins' America [videorecording]
VR 792.82 Er44a

The Erick Hawkins modern dance technique [videorecording]
DVD 792.82 Er44m

Dances of the 7 continents, for kids & teachers. Volume 1 [videorecording]
DVD 793.31 D195ss v.1

Dances of the 7 continents, for kids & teachers. Volume 1 [videorecording]
DVD 793.31 D195ss v.1 Guide

Dances of the 7 continents, for kids & teachers. Volume 2 [videorecording]
DVD 793.31 D195ss v.2

Dances of the 7 continents, for kids & teachers. Volume 2 [videorecording]
DVD 793.31 D195ss v.2 Guide

The language of Spanish dance : a dictionary and reference manual
793.31946 M429L 2003

Abdoulaye Camara
West African dance. Volume 1 [videorecording]
DVD 793.31966 C14w v.1

Abdoulaye Camara
West African dance. Volume 2 [videorecording]
DVD 793.31966 C14w v.2

John C. Miles and Simon Priest
Adventure programming
796.507 Ad96

Mark W.T. Harvey, Mark W. T.
The National Outdoor Leadership School's wilderness guide : the classic handbook
796.51 H262n 1999

Elizabeth D. Samet
Soldier's heart : reading literature through peace and war at West Point
810.711747 Sa44s

Peter J. Stanlis
Robert Frost : the poet as philosopher
811 F929 DSt25r

Sherman Alexie
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian
813 AL27a

Dave Eggers
What is the what : the autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng : a novel
813 Eg33w 2007

Dave Eggers
You shall know our velocity!
813 Eg33y 2003

Diane Glancy
Pushing the bear : a novel of the Trail of Tears
813 G458p

Julia Glass
The whole world over : a novel
813 G463w

Derek Albert Pearsall
Gothic Europe, 1200-1450
909.07 P316g

Julian Crandall Hollick
Ganga : a journey down the Ganges River
915.41 C85g

Leo Marx, Leo
The machine in the garden : technology and the pastoral ideal in America
917.3 M369m 2000

Lynn Abrams
The making of modern woman : Europe, 1789-1918
940.28082 Ab836m

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
949.2073092 H617i

Myint-U Thant
The river of lost footsteps : a personal history of Burma
959.1 T329r 2007

Alephonsion Deng
They poured fire on us from the sky : the true story of three lost boys from Sudan
962.4043 D414t

David Hamilton Murdoch
North American Indian
J 970.00497 M941n 2005

Kyle Roy Ward, Kyle Roy
History in the making : an absorbing look at how American history has changed in the telling over the
last 200 years
973.07 W213h

Life in Orleans County [videorecording]
DVD 974.323 L626 2007

Annual report, Morristown, Vermont, for the fiscal year ending June 30, ...

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