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Arts, Music & Humanities

Gary Macy

The hidden history of women's ordination : female clergy in the medieval West

262.14 M259h

Alister E. McGrath

Christianity's dangerous idea : the Protestant revolution-- a history from the sixteenth century to

the twenty-first

280.409 M178c

Heiko Augustinus Oberman

Luther : man between God and the Devil

284.1092 L977 BOb27L

Dennis Covington

Salvation on Sand Mountain : snake handling and redemption in southern Appalachia

289.9 C838s 1996

Charles Allen

God's terrorists : the Wahhabi cult and hidden roots of modern Jihad

297.814 AL53g

L. Ron Hubbard

Dianetics : the modern science of mental health

299.936 H861dm 2007

L. Ron Hubbard

The way to happiness : a common sense guide to better living

299.936 H861w 2007

Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Joseph N. Cappella

Echo chamber : Rush Limbaugh and the conservative media establishment

302.230973 J242e

Sonia Nazario

Enrique's journey

305.2308968 N236e

Leslie Brubaker and Julia M.H. Smith

Gender in the early medieval world : East and West, 300-900

305.3094 G285

Barack Obama

Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance

305.38896 Ob1d

Rosemary O'Day

Women's agency in early modern Britain and the American colonies : patriarchy, partnership and patronage

305.40941 Od1w

Lora Wildenthal

German women for empire, 1884-1945

305.40943 W645g

Bill Bishop

The big sort : why the clustering of like-minded America is tearing us apart

305.800973 B541b

Eleanor Stanford, ed.

Interracial America : opposing viewpoints

305.800973 In8 2006

Barack Obama

Barack Obama's speech on race : "A more perfect union"

305.800973 Ob1b

Raymond d’Angelo and Herbert Douglas, eds.

Taking sides. Clashing views in race and ethnicity

305.800973 T139 2008

Moustafa Bayoumi

How does it feel to be a problem? : being young and Arab in America

305.8927073 B345h

Mia Kirshner, et al.

I live here

305.906914 K633i pt.1-4

Allene Phy-Olsen

Same-sex marriage

306.848 P569s

Brian Ladd

The ghosts of Berlin : confronting German history in the urban landscape

307.1216 L121g

Denise Natali

The Kurds and the state : evolving national identity in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran

320.54095667 N191k

Kenneth Bridges

Freedom in America

323.0973 B764f

Allison L. Sneider

Suffragists in an imperial age : U.S. expansion and the woman question, 1870-1929

324.623 Sn26s

Hunter S. Thompson

Fear and loathing : on the campaign trail '72

324.973 T373f 2006

Marla R. Miller

The needle's eye : women and work in the age of revolution

331.4887 M616n

Greg Behrman

The most noble adventure : the Marshall plan and the time when America helped save Europe

338.9173 B396m

Bruce P. Montgomery

The Bush-Cheney administration's assault on open government

 342.730853 M766b           

R. Murray Thomas

God in the classroom : religion and America's public schools

344.730796 T366g

Martin Garbus

The next 25 years : the new Supreme Court and what it means for Americans

347.7326 G164n 2008

Karen Hagemann and Stefanie Schuler-Springorum, eds.

Home/front : the military, war, and gender in twentieth-century Germany

355.0082 H752

Russell D. Howard, et al.

Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism

358.3 H836w

Daniel Beland

States of global insecurity : policy, politics, and society

363.3 B41s

Thomas J. Badey, ed.

Violence and terrorism 07/08

363.32 V812 2007

Hunter S. Thompson

Hell's Angels : a strange and terrible saga

364.1066 T373h 1999

Philip Mansel

Dressed to rule : royal and court costume from Louis XIV to Elizabeth II

391.0094 M317d

Nancy Heller

Women artists : an illustrated history

704.042 H367w 1997

Marilyn Stokstad

Art history

709 St67a 2002

Sam Hunter, et al.

Modern art : painting, sculpture, architecture

709.04 H919ma 2000

Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel

Themes of contemporary art : visual art after 1980

709.048 R547t

Reham Aarti Jacobsen

Mosaics for the first time

738.5 J159m

Danny Fingeroth

The rough guide to graphic novels

741.509 F494r

Alan Moore


741.5941 M781w 2005

Rutu Modan

Exit wounds

741.595694 M72e

Rutu Modan

Jamilti & other stories

741.595694 M72j

Art Spiegelman

Breakdowns : portrait of the artist as a young %@[squiggle][star]!

741.5973 Sp43b

Elisabeth Sussman and Thomas Weski

William Eggleston : democratic camera, photographs and video, 1961-2008

779.092 Eg39 JSu82w

Daniela Mrazkova

Jan Saudek

779.092 Sa85 DM879s

Mari Lyn Henry and Lynne Rogers

How to be a working actor : the insider's guide to  finding jobs in theater, film and television

792.028023 H396h 2008

Jonathan D. Spence

Return to Dragon Mountain : memories of a late Ming man

895.1848 Z61 BSp32r

Marcus Tanner

The last of the Celts

909.04916 T157L

Peter Gran

Beyond Eurocentrism : a new view of modern world history

909.08 G762b

Guy De la Bedoy*ere

Roman Britain : a new history

936.104 D37r

Timothy Darvill

Stonehenge : the biography of a landscape

936.2319 D258s 2007

Nancy Bazelon Goldstone

Four queens : the Proven*cal sisters who ruled Europe

940.1840922 G578f

Christopher R. Browning

Ordinary men : Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the final solution in Poland

940.5318 B821o

Forever in the shadow of Hitler? : original documents of the Historikerstreit, the controversy concerning

the singularity of the Holocaust

940.5318072 F762

Norman Davies

No simple victory : World War II in Europe, 1939-1945

940.534 D288n

Frank Welsh

The four nations : a history of the United Kingdom

941 W465f

Christopher A. Snyder

The Britons

941.004916 Sn92b

Ben Wilson

The making of Victorian values : decency and dissent in Britain, 1789-1837

941.07 W691m

Alistair Moffat

Before Scotland : the story of Scotland before history

941.101 M723b

M.T. Wild

Village England : a social history of the countryside

942.009734 W643v

Donald Henson

The origins of the Anglo-Saxons

942.01 H398o

Peter Hunter Blair

An introduction to Anglo-Saxon England

942.01 H919i 2003

David Horspool

King Alfred : burnt cakes and other legends

942.0164092 AL29 DH788k

John Davies

A history of Wales

942.9 D287h 2007

Geraint H. Jenkins

A concise history of Wales

942.9 J416c

Marion A. Kaplan

The making of the Jewish middle class : women, family,  and identity in imperial Germany

943.004924 K141m

David Blackbourn

History of Germany, 1780-1918 : the long nineteenth century

943.07 B562h

David Blackbourn and Geoff Eley

The peculiarities of German history : bourgeois society and politics in nineteenth-century Germany

943.07 B562p 1984

Konrad Hugo Jarausch and Michael Geyer

Shattered past : reconstructing German histories

943.08 J28s

Gordon Martel, ed.

Modern Germany Reconsidered : 1870-1945

943.08 M72

Hans Ulrich Wehler

The German Empire, 1871-1918

943.083 W422g

Detlev Peukert

Inside Nazi Germany : conformity, opposition, and racism in everyday life

943.086 P462i

Mary Fulbrook

A history of Germany, 1918-2008 : the divided nation

943.087 F956h 2009

Belinda Joy Davis

Home fires burning : food, politics, and everyday life in World War I Berlin

943.155 D29h

Samuel R. Williamson

Austria-Hungary and the origins of the First World War

943.6044 W676a

Barbara B. Diefendorf

Beneath the cross : Catholics and Huguenots in sixteenth-century Paris

944.361029 D563b

Frances Mayes

Under the Tuscan sun : at home in Italy

945.5 M453u 2003

William Rosen

Justinian's flea : plague, empire, and the birth of Europe

949.501 R722j

Alex Von Tunzelmann

Indian summer : the secret history of the end of an empire

954.035 T836i

Faleh A. Jabar and Hosham Dawod, eds.

The Kurds : nationalism and politics

956.00491597 K965

John Boaz, ed.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

956.9405 Is75

Brian Steidle and Gretchen Steidle Wallace

The devil came on horseback : bearing witness to the genocide in Darfur

962.4043 St33d

Francis G. Couvares, et al, eds.

Interpretations of American history : patterns and perspectives

973 In8c 2000 v.2

John Gattuso, ed.

A Circle of nations : voices and visions of American Indians

973.0497 C496

Henry Steele Commager

The empire of reason : how Europe imagined and America realized the Enlightenment

973.2 C735e

Robert Middlekauff

The glorious cause : the American Revolution, 1763-1789

973.3 M584g 1985

Ray Raphael

Founding myths : stories that hide our patriotic past

973.3 R181f 2004

John W. Shy

A people numerous and armed : reflections on the military struggle for American independence

973.33 Sh97p 1990

Nancy Isenberg

Fallen founder : the life of Aaron Burr

973.46092 B94 BIs2f

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Team of rivals : the political genius of Abraham Lincoln

973.7 L638 BG632t 2006

John Hope Franklin

The Emancipation proclamation

973.714 F854e

Eliza Thomas

The road home

974.3 T362r

Robert Whitaker

On the laps of gods : the Red Summer of 1919 and the struggle for justice that remade a nation

976.788052 W58o

Nando Parrado

Miracle in the Andes : 72 days on the mountain and my long trek home

982.6 P247m

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John Heider

The Tao of leadership : Lao Tzu's Tao te ching adapted for a new age

299.51482 H362t

Jane Kamensky

The exchange artist : a tale of high-flying speculation and America's first banking collapse

332.645 K128e

Charles D. Ellis

The partnership : the making of Goldman Sachs

332.66 EL59p

Van Jones

The green-collar economy : how one solution can fix our two biggest problems

363.7 J727g

Michael Renner, et al.

Green jobs : working for people and the environment

363.70023 R295g

Robert Kreitner


658 K877m 2009

Education and Behavioral Sciences

Mildred L. Patten

Understanding research methods : an overview of the essentials

001.42 P277u 2007

Seth Lerer

Children's literature : a reader's history, from Aesop to Harry Potter

028.509 L562c

John A Schinka and Wayne F. Velicer, eds.

Research methods in psychology

150.72 R311 2003

Barbara A. Spellman and Daniel T. Willingham, eds.

Current directions in cognitive science

153 C936

Malcolm Gladwell

Blink : the power of thinking without thinking

153.44 G455b 2007

Joseph H. Di Leo

Young children and their drawings

155.4 D571y 1996

The St. Petersburg USA Orphanage Research Team

The Effects of early social-emotional and relationship experience on the development of young orphanage children

155.446 Ef36

Lisa A. Suzuki and Joseph G. Ponterotto, eds.

Handbook of multicultural assessment : clinical, psychological, and educational applications

155.82 H191m 2008

Jeffrey Scott Mio, et al.

Multicultural psychology : understanding our diverse communities

155.82 M669m 2006

Donald N. Bersoff

Ethical conflicts in psychology

174.915 B46e 2008

Jacquelyn W. White, ed.

Taking sides. Clashing views in gender

305.3 C565 2007

Auriana Ojeda, ed.

Male/female roles

305.3 M293 2005

Leslie Brubaker and Julia M.H. Smith, eds.

Gender in the early medieval world : East and West, 300-900

305.3094 G285

Kay Frances Schepp

Sexuality counseling : a training program

306.7 Sch27s

Michael Bader

Male sexuality : why women don't understand it-and men don't either

306.7081 B141m

Alesha E. Doan and Jean Calterone Williams

The politics of virginity : abstinence in sex education

306.732 D65p

R. Murray Thomas

God in the classroom : religion and America's public schools

344.730796 T366g 2008

David Sheff

Beautiful boy : a father's journey through his son's addiction

362.299 Sh39b

Nic Sheff

Tweak : growing up on methamphetamines

362.299 Sh39t

J. Jeffries McWhirter, et al.

At-risk youth : a comprehensive response : for counselors, teachers, psychologists, and human service


362.740973 At1 2004

Susan C. Reed and Catherine Marienau, eds.

Linking adults with community : promoting civic engagement through community based learning

370.115 L648

Nitza M. Hidalgo, et al., eds.

Facing racism in education

370.19342 F118

Pamela Orpinas and Arthur M. Horne

Bullying prevention : creating a positive school climate and developing social competence

371.58 Or7b

W. Lambert Brittain

Creativity, art, and the young child

372.5 B777c

Daryl S. Paulson and Stanley Krippner

Haunted by combat : understanding PTSD in war veterans including women, reservists, and those coming back from Iraq

616.85212 P285h

Julia Buckroyd and Sharon Rother, eds.

Psychological responses to eating disorders and obesity : recent and innovative work

616.8526 P959

Richard A. Moskovitz

Lost in the mirror : an inside look at borderline personality disorder

616.8585 M853L 2001

Joel Paris

Treatment of borderline personality disorder : a guide to evidence-based practice

616.85852 P218t

John Elder Robison

Look me in the eye : my life with Asperger's

616.8588 R569L 2008

Susan Day and Tamara Davis

Student resource manual to accompany theory and design in counseling and psychotherapy

616.8914 D333s 2008

Rudi Dallos and Ros Draper

An introduction to family therapy : systemic theory and practice

616.89156 D167i 2005

Monica McGoldrick and Kenneth V. Hardy, eds.

Re-visioning family therapy : race, culture, and gender in clinical practice

616.89156 R327 2008

Cathy A. Malchiodi, ed.

Handbook of art therapy

616.891656 H191


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Literature and Journalism

Hunter S. Thompson

The proud highway : saga of a desperate southern gentleman, 1955-1967

070.92 T373f v.1 1998

Hunter S. Thompson

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and other American stories

070.92 T373fe 1998

William L. Nothstine, et al , eds.

Critical questions : invention, creativity, and the criticism of discourse and media

302.23 C869

Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Joseph N. Cappella

Echo chamber : Rush Limbaugh and the conservative media establishment

302.230973 J242e

Hunter S. Thompson

Hell's Angels : a strange and terrible saga

364.1066 T373h 1999

Carolyn Dinshaw and David Wallace, eds.

The Cambridge companion to medieval women's writing

809.89287 C144

Alan Lupack

The Oxford guide to Arthurian literature and legend

809.93351 L973o 2007

Sandra Haldeman Martz, ed.

If I had my life to live over, I would pick more daisies

810.809287 If1

Sandra Haldeman Martz, ed.

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple

810.809287 W574

Donald Hall

Unpacking the boxes : a memoir of a life in poetry

811 H141 BH141u

Marine Robert Warden

Canticle III : poems

811 W219c

Julia Alvarez

Something to declare

813 AL86s 1999

T.C. Boyle

The tortilla curtain

813 B6976t

Kathleen McGowan

The expected one

813 M177e

Peter Matthiessen

Shadow country : a new rendering of the Watson legend

813 M433s

Julie Otsuka

When the emperor was divine : a novel

813 Ot7w

Donald Ray Pollock


813 P7652k

Eric Rickstad


813 R426r

Bill Schubart

The Lamoille stories

Vermont 813 Sch77L

Karl Schwenke

In a pig's eye

813 Sch98i

Earwig anthology : Johnson student chronicles, volume II

814.008 Ea76 v.2

Nelson W. Aldrich, ed.

George, being George : George Plimpton's life as told, admired, deplored, and envied by 200 friends, relatives, lovers, acquaintances, rivals, and a few unappreciative observers

818 P718 DAL24g

Sebastian Barry

The secret scripture : a novel

823 B279s

Doris Lessing

Alfred and Emily

823 L566aL

Marina Lewycka

Strawberry fields

823 L59s

Marina Lewycka

A short history of tractors in Ukrainian

823 L59s

Dick Ringler

Beowulf : a new translation for oral delivery

829 B45 KR474b

Christa Wolf

What remains and other stories

833 W831g KSch96w

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Science and Outdoor Education

Laura K. Egendorf, ed.

Medical ethics

174.2 M468 2005

James Garvey

The ethics of climate change : right and wrong in a warming world

179.1 G199e

Nancy J. Turner

The earth's blanket : traditional teachings for sustainable living

304.2 T855e

Benjamin K. Sovacool

The dirty energy dilemma : what's blocking clean power in the United States

333.790973 So89d

David Bodansky

Nuclear energy : principles, practices, and prospects

333.7924 B631n 2004

Pete Domenici

A brighter tomorrow : fulfilling the promise of nuclear energy

333.7924 D712b

S.W. Heaberlin

A case for nuclear-generated electricity, or, Why I think nuclear power is cool and why it is important

that you think so too

333.7924 H34c

David Elliott, ed.

Sustainable energy : opportunities and limitations

333.794 Su82e

Michael Grunwald

The swamp : the Everglades, Florida, and the politics of paradise

333.918 G927s

Wendy Williams and Robert Whitcomb

Cape wind : money, celebrity, class, politics, and the battle for our energy future on Nantucket Sound

333.92 W676c

Frank Rosillo-Calle, ed.

The biomass assessment handbook : bioenergy for a sustainable environment

333.9539 B521 2008

Van Jones

The green-collar economy : how one solution can fix our two biggest problems

363.7 J727g

Michael Renner, et al.

Green jobs : working for people and the environment

363.70023 R295g

Rose George

The big necessity : the unmentionable world of human waste and why it matters

363.728 G293b

John Derbyshire

Unknown quantity : a real and imaginary history of algebra

512.009 D444u

Mark W. Denny

How the ocean works : an introduction to oceanography

551.46 D428h

Lisa H. Sedaris and Kathleen Dean Moore

Rachel Carson : legacy and challenge

570.92 C239 DSi13r

Ralph Colp

Darwin's illness

576.82092 D259 BC719d

Clea Koff

The bone woman : a forensic anthropologist's search for truth in the mass graves of Rwanda, Bosnia,

Croatia, and Kosovo

614.17 K821b 2005

Mukund R. Patel

Wind and solar power systems : design, analysis, and operation

621.042 P272w 2006

Mary H. Dickson and Mario Fanelli, eds.

Geothermal energy : utilization and technology

621.44 G293

Paul Gipe

Wind power : renewable energy for home, farm, and business

621.45 G44w 2004

Christopher Mari, ed.

The next space age

629.4 N49

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Reference & Juvenile

Dave Bogart, ed.

The Bowker annual : library and book trade almanac

R 020.25 B679 2008

Literary market place : LMP

R 070.5025 L712 2009 v.1-2

Lester Kurtz, ed.

Encyclopedia of violence, peace, & conflict

R 303.603 En19 v.1-2 2008

United States. Bureau of the Census

Census atlas of the United States : Census 2000 special reports

R 304.60973 Un3c 2007

RMA annual statement studies

R 332.67 R54s 2008-2009

U.S. industry & market outlook

R 338.0973 Un3 2009

Leo Troy

Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios

R 338.50973 T759a 2009

Vermont planning, development and land use laws annotated

Vermont 344.046 V592vp 2009

Handbook of research on teacher education : enduring questions in changing contexts

R 370.71 H191 2008

MDR's school directory. Vermont

R 371 M341 2008-2009

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz

Country stores of Vermont : a history and guide

Vermont 381.109743 B32c


R 390 C899 2008 v.1-4

Valerie Steele, ed.

Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion

R 391.003 En19 2005 v.1-3

Random House Webster's unabridged dictionary

R 423 R1597 2001

James Flood, et al., eds.

Handbook of research on teaching the English language  arts

428.007 H191 2003

Mark A. Garlick

Astronomy : a visual guide

R 520 G184a

A.C. Bishop

Guide to minerals, rocks & fossils

R 552 B541g 2005

Susan Standring, ed.

Gray's anatomy : the anatomical basis of clinical practice

R 611 G792g 2008

Washington C. Will, et al.

Koneman's color atlas and textbook of diagnostic microbiology

R 616.9041 K836 2006

Bill Schubart

The Lamoille stories

Vermont 813 Sch77L

Connecticut, Rhode Island atlas & gazetteer

R 912.746 D384v 2007

Garrick A Bailey, ed.

Indians in contemporary society

R 970.004 H191 v.2

Sylvia Kleinert and Margo Neale, eds.

Oxford companion to aboriginal art and culture

R 994.00499 Ox2 2000


Robin Scagell

Night sky atlas : the moon, planets, stars and deep sky objects

J 528.0223 Sca32n 2005

Joy Hakim

War, peace, and all that jazz / Joy Hakim

J 973.31 H127w

Christopher Paolini


J P196i bk.1

Christopher Paolini


J P196i bk.2

Christopher Paolini

Brisingr, or, The seven promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular

J P196i bk.3

Rick Riordan

The sea of monsters / Rick Riordan

J R479p bk.2

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Face value [videorecording]

DVD 153.69 F118

Child's play [videorecording] : how having fun turns kids into adults

DVD 155.418 C437sp

Playing [videorecording]

DVD 155.418 P699i

The child from 1 to 3 [videorecording]

DVD 155.422 C436

Scientology [videorecording] : an overview

DVD 299.936 Sci27

Eyes on the Prize

DVD 323.40973 Ey36 2006 v.1-7

Taxi to the dark side [videorecording]

DVD 363.320973 T198

Autism and applied behavioral analysis [videorecording]

DVD 616.85882 Au811

Measuring success in treatment for autism [videorecording]

DVD 616.85882 M463

 Rehab [videorecording]

DVD 616.8603 R266ab

The burden of knowledge [videorecording] : moral dilemmas in prenatal testing

DVD 618.32075 B896

Englebert Humperdinck

Hansel und Gretel [sound recording]

RD 782.1 H8835ha 1979a

Richard Wagner

Orchestral music [sound recording]

RD 782.1 W126aa 1973

Richard Wagner

The flying Dutchman [sound recording] = Der fliegende Hollander

RD 782.1 W126fL 1961

Richard Wagner

Parsifal [sound recording]

RD 782.1 W126p 1964

Richard Wagner

Rienzi [sound recording] : [tragic opera in five acts]

RD 782.1 W126r 1976

Richard Wagner

Der Ring des Nibelungen [sound recording] : highlights from the complete recording

RD 782.1 W126ri 1900

Farwell, Orem, and Cadman [sound recording]

 782.4 F252f

Gustav Mahler

Symphony no. 8 [sound recording] : (Symphony of a thousand)

RD 784.2 M278 no.8 1971

Gustav Mahler

Symphonie Nr. 9 D-dur [sound recording]

RD 784.2 M278 no.9 1981

There's music in the air [sound recording] : an anniversary album

RD 784.22 AA5th

Toni Carroll

The favorite music of the roaring twenties [sound recording]

RD 789.43 C236f


Get your wings [sound recording]

RD 789.436 Ae82g

James Gang

Live in concert [sound recording]

RD 789.436 J233L

Latin Mann : Afro to bossa to blues. [sound recording]

RD 789.437 AA5La 1973

Miles Davis

Get up with it [sound recording]

RD 789.437 D295g

Bill Evans

Alone. [sound recording]

RD 789.437 Ev15a

Professor Longhair

'Fess [sound recording] : the Professor Longhair anthology

CD 789.437 P942f booklet

Professor Longhair, 1918-1980.

'Fess [sound recording] : the Professor Longhair anthology

CD 789.437 P942f v.2

Hills and home; [thirty years of bluegrass] [Sound recording]

RD 789.4375 AA5hi 1976

Music of the Ozarks [sound recording]

RD 789.4375 AA5mu 1972

Ravi Shankar

Raga Jogeshwari [sound recording]

RD 789.4376 In1r

American Indian music of the Southwest [sound recording]

RD 789.4376 N811am 1951

Folk music of Pakistan [sound recording]

RD 789.4376 P17f

Saturday night fever [sound recording] : original movie soundtrack

RD 789.4385 Sa84 1977

American beauty [videorecording]

DVD 791.43 Am35be 2000

Cool hand Luke [videorecording]

DVD 791.43 C776Lh 2008

Fargo [videorecording]

DVD 791.43 F224go 2005

Lives of others [videorecording] = Das Leben der anderen

DVD 791.43 L758o

The murderers are among us [videorecording] = Die Morder sind uter uns

DVD 791.43 M9405s

East side story [videorecording]

DVD 791.43657 Ea77

Nuit et brouillard [videorecording] = Night and fog

DVD 940.53185 N563




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