Health Sciences and Medicine

Databases and Indexes

Health and Wellness Resource Center*
Online encyclopedias, dictionaries, full text of refereed sources such as the Alternative Medicine Review, and indexing of thousands of journals, magazines, and pamphlets are included in our subscription to the HWRC with the Alternative Health Module.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition*
The literature of the allied health sciences and rehabilitation medicine is well represented in this database. Approximately 50 percent of the journals indexed are available in full text.

Developed by the National Library of Medicine, Medline is the online equivalent of Index Medicus and numerous indexes and databases in the biomedical fields. For precision searching, use the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).

This federally funded resource provides free access to the Medline journal literature. There are links to full text of articles in PubMed Central for selected journal titles.

Web Sites

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Links (Nat'l College of Natural Medicine)
HerbMed (American Botanical Council)
Nat'l Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Consumer Health Information

Medline Plus
This site contains links to a medical encyclopedia, dictionaries, directories and guides to generic and brand name drugs. Search health topics by group or by first letter.
The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook
This version of the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy is written for the layperson, not the medical professional.


HIV InSite This gateway site is maintained at the University of California San Francisco.
Merck Manual Online Numerous sections are now available in enhanced electronic versions.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Medline Plus: Nutrition

Dietary Guidelines (

Dietary Supplements Labels Database (NLM)

USDA: Food and Nutrition Page
Vegetarian Resource Group

Sports Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine


National Center for Health Statistics (CDC)
State Data
(Links to Health, United States/Year)

World Health Organization (Data and Statistics)


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