Visual Arts Campaign

A Note from Ken Leslie

Ken Leslie with one of his pieces
JSC's art program began in leftover spaces, spread across the campus in half a dozen buildings. Somehow we managed to forge a shared vision, and our numbers began to grow. Decades ago we made a great leap forward with the creation of the Visual Arts Center — and for the first time we had a place for all our studios and offices in a single building. With that, our sense of community took off. It wasn't long before we filled every corner of the Visual Arts Center and again started spilling over into other spaces on campus — but by then we had a heart, a focus and a clear sense that something amazing was happening here.

Images from the VAC Donors Sneak Peek in January 2012

Last year we hired our fifth full-time professor, who now heads our new Media Arts Research Studio— our state-of-the-art digital lab housed in the Willey Library & Learning Center. Now, adding to the mix of what's long been available, our students are amazing us with their graphic design, video, animation, sound and other interactive, multi-disciplinary works.

  • . . .which brings us to today, as we reopen our new Visual Arts Center, after 9 months of renovations: a building nearly 50 percent larger, with
  • new studios
  • classrooms
  • community space
  • two galleries
  • a Mac lab
  • a seminar classroom with full projection
  • and, at last, studio spaces reserved for our BFAs in their final semesters


This represents a major endorsement of the visual arts program at Johnson State College.

Yes, the arts are thriving here, but there's more we can do — which is why, for the first time, we're reaching out to you. Something magical indeed has been going on here. We hope we can count on you to help us support our growing visual arts program and make even more magic in the years ahead.