Emeritus Faculty

In the Vermont State College system, Emeritus status is granted by special vote of the Board of Trustees, and goes after retirement to outstanding, long-time professors who have a record of outstanding teaching and professional achievement and have provided a high level of service to the college. Below are the JSC professors granted emeritus status since the Board policy was adopted in 1980.

Phillip Chiaravalle

Philip Chiaravalle, Professor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D., University of Rhode Island

Retired 1986; Emeritus status conferred December 6, 1985


John Duffy

John Duffy, Professor Emeritus of English and Humanities

Ph.D., Syracuse University

Retired 1990; Emeritus status conferred June 8, 2001

Robert A. Ellsworth

Robert A.   Ellsworth, Professor Emeritus of Latin American History

M.A., Columbia University

Retired 1973; Emeritus status conferred May 13, 1999;

Honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters conferred May 4, 1990;

Deceased April 12, 1994

Selma Guttman

Selma Guttman, Professor Emerita of English

Ph.D., Columbia University

Retired 1985; Emeritus status conferred February 8, 1985


Robert Hutchinson, Professor Emeritus of Education

Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Retired 1980 ; Emeritus status conferred March 20, 1992;

Deceased August 10, 1995

Walter Minaert

Walter A. Minaert, Professor Emeritus of Health and Physical Education

Ph.D., Boston University

Retired January 1981; Emeritus status conferred December 9, 1983;

Deceased January 29, 2004

Margaret Ottum

Margaret Ottum, Professor Emerita of Environmental Science

Ph.D., Oregon State University

Retired 2002; Emeritus status conferred September 12, 2003;

Deceased January 26, 2006


Kenneth Raymond, Professor Emeritus of History

M.A., University of Vermont

Retired June 1979; Emeritus status conferred May 24, 1979

Deceased July 30, 2005

Doris Spencer

Doris U. Spencer, Professor Emerita of Education

Ed.D., Boston University

Retired May 1973;                Deceased October 18, 1973

Edward Stefaniak

Edward Stefaniak, Professor Emeritus of Science

Ed.D., Boston University School of Education

Retired 1976; Emeritus Status conferred March 26, 1976;

Deceased March 9, 2001

Albert Swinchoski

Albert Swinchoski, Professor Emeritus of Music

Ph.D., University of Kansas

Retired spring 1987; Emeritus status conferred March 13, 1987;

Deceased August 5, 2006

Alice Whiting

Alice Whiting, Professor Emerita of Education

M. A., Boston University, 1963

Retired as full professor spring 2004; Emeritus status conferred June 22, 2006