Establishing a Named Endowment

The endowment will exist in perpetuity, and the interest each year will go to support the purpose of the endowment.  The minimum amount for a named endowment in the Vermont State College system is $10,000; the VSC Board sets the interest percentage to be drawn each year, which is usually 5 percent.  Additional growth goes into the corpus of the endowment.

Working with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, your wishes and the college’s needs can be melded to establish the parameters for the endowment within your area of interest (i.e., for scholarships for students majoring in education, political science, etc.); for the benefit of  a department (Behavioral Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Environmental & Health Sciences, Fine & Performing Arts, Humanities, Math or Writing & Literature); or for a certain lecture fund.

Donate to an Existing Endowment

Donations of any size can be added to existing endowments. You can see the entire list of existing endowments here.

What to Donate

If you want to donate now to an existing Johnson endowment or start your own, you might consider giving cash, securities, land, or real estate property or making a pledge to be paid over three years.

How Will Your Gift Be Recognized?

  • You will have the tremendous feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping Johnson State College provide education for the future.
  • All donors will be listed in the Annual Report on Philanthropy in Johnson Views.
  • Donors to an endowment of $5,000 and above will become members of the Chesamore Circle of Donors, receive a certificate of membership, and be listed in the endowment honor roll which hangs in the upper foyer of the Library and Learning Center.