The Ellsworth Trust

Robert A. EllsworthThe Ellsworth Trust is a private foundation that enriches higher education at JSC and the study of political science and history through scholarships for undergraduates, annual lectures which bring visiting scholars to campus for lectures and seminars, grants to fund multicultural events, and travel grants for students and alumni.

In 1983, after retiring from 17 years of teaching at Johnson State College, Professor Ellsworth established the Ellsworth Trust. The Ellsworth Trust is run by a board which includes alumni who were Professor Ellsworth's students, as well as other colleagues and friends. The Trust awards scholarships to students majoring in political science and history, provides travel grants to current students and alumni, and supports the annual Ellsworth Lecture and other events. During the past 20 years, the Trust has helped dozens of students and alumni to travel, to places including Mexico, Central America, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, Africa, Vietnam, and China.