The Ellsworth Trust Board

The Ellsworth Trust Board











Carolyn M. Arey, Class of 1969; Connecticut

Tom M. Carney, Class of 1971; Vermont

Angelica D. Caterino, Class of 2011; Vermont

David Crossman, Class of 2004; Alaska (Vice President)

Francis E. Coyle; Florida/Massachusetts (Treasurer)

Everett Dickinson, Class of 1962; Vermont (Secretary)

Barbara D. Fiddler; Colorado

James McWilliam, Class of 1967; Vermont

Jessica Prince, Class of 2004; Massachusetts (Assistant Treasurer)

Bryan Scanlon, Class of 1992; California (President)

Paul L. Silver; Vermont

Camille Vickers; Maryland (Curator)

Donald R. Vickers, Class of 1970; Vermont