JSC Email Upgrade Now in Process

We are in the process of switching to a new server.

At some point during this period your current link to Outlook Web Access will change to the new server. If you find that the first link (our current server) does not work for you, try the second link (our new server).



During the migration to our new server, the college will be operating both our current server (jscmail.jsc.vsc.edu) and our new server (mail.jsc.vsc.edu). 

When you attempt to access our Web-based Outlook email, continue to use jscmail.jsc.vsc.edu until you receive an error message, such as Server Error or Invalid User Name. Once this happens, begin using the new mail server by using the address mail.jsc.vsc.edu.

Please note that you may experience a brief period where you will have no access to email while your mailbox is converting. Should this occur, please log off and retry connecting 10 to 15 minutes later. If you continue to experience issues logging in, contact IT Services at helpdesk.vsc.edu.

Once the transition is complete, a direct link to Outlook Web App (as the new version is called) will be restored from the public website and from the JSC Portal.