Community Partners

Dibden Center for the Arts is an important part of the local community in a number of ways.

Contributions to the Creative Economy

As a major performing arts center, Dibden has a growing and significant effect on the local creative economy.

We continue to initiate and engage many community partners in Dibden events and programs.  The unique location of Dibden Center poises it to be the economic and cultural engine of the region as Vermont develops its creative economy. 

The emerging partnerships with non-profits like River Arts and other local arts organization and schools offer a wonderful ‘town-gown’ link that promise to bring underserved populations into the emerging creative economy through exposure to higher education, technology and the creative arts. 

By bringing in a multitude of local and internationally known performers to the local area, this in turn brings multitudes to Lamoille County.  This ripple effect is felt in restaurants, lodging, a variety of retail establishments and as a value added enhancement in the real estate market.  

Another way Dibden contributes to the creative economy is through educating, training and developing creative industry workers for Vermont and the country.  This includes the artistically trained, such as actors, musicians, visual artists —but of equal importance —the technicians and creative workers in related fields that support the infrastructure of local creativity: stage managers, lighting designers, set designers, sound engineers, costumers and audiovisual technicians.

Providing Opportunity for Area Youth

Dibden Center provides a venue for local non-profits and area schools to present and attend events in a professional and nurturing environment. 

Among the best-attended types of events at Dibden have been performances by the local dance schools and companies which include: Stowe Dance Academy, River Arts: On The Rise, The Lamoille Lancer Dancers of Lamoille Union High School, The Renita Arnold Dance School of Morrisville,  The Vermont Ballet Theater of Essex Jct., St. Albans Dance Academy, the JSC Dance Ensemble, The Vermont Dance Collective directed by our own Professor of Dance, Maris Wolff and the Burklyn Ballet Theater in residence each summer which draws from a national and international pool of dancers, choreographers and instructors. 

Performing on the Dibden stage has a huge impact on these developing creative industry workers—especially the dancers.

Presenting Cultural Diversity

Dibden Center brings artists from across the cultural spectrum, exposing and educating the community to the cultures of the world.  This service connects global concerns and ideas to the local community, deepening our understanding of the world and better preparing our youth for the diversity they will be encountering in today’s society.

The Julian Scott Memorial Gallery

The gallery contributes as well, showcasing local artists and students, adding to the growing list of galleries and destinations in the cultural corridor of the Lamoille Valley.