Service Learning Courses


Here are some Johnson State College courses that have had a service-learning component:

SOC-2150 Social Solutions

This course explores the roots of poverty and oppression using the critical lens of current academic research and the compassionate engagement of community service. Contemporary social issues including homelessness, affordable housing, AIDS, urban issues, sexual orientation, racism and sexism, and environmental degradation will be examined objectively. Our purpose is to pursue an in-depth investigation of existing research into these social problems and how we can be a part of the solution to these problems.

SOC-4010 Family Violence

The purpose of this course is to explore the nature of family violence for women, men and children in our local community and within our society. Theories and current research will be examined to describe and explain why people batter each other, sexually abuse each other and why people kill each other in the context of what some assume to be the safest place on earth: the home. Students will do both classroom reading and research and participate in an 18-hour training in domestic violence, sponsored by the Clarina Howard Nichols Center, a local women's shelter.

AHS-1010 Health Problems

This course investigates health problems most associated with college-age students. Health guidance and counseling information pertaining to concepts of sound mind, body and spirit are the philosophic basis for this course. Students are invited to participate in an intensive community service experience to allow them to explore holistic well-being.

SOC-1010 Introduction to Sociology

This class includes an optional community service experience or a 10-hour community observation project to enhance skills of looking and listening.

SOC-3060 Sexuality and Intimacy

This class includes a group presentation to address sexual dilemmas such as AIDS, STDs and birth control. An additional requirement is the preparation of manuals and delivery systems for both the campus and the community.

ANT-3120 Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology

The class includes an ongoing research project to investigate critical issues in community life - usually campus focused. Students use a variety of methods to gather more information about community issues.

EDU 581 Research in Child Development

Students volunteer their services to local agencies that serve children (including JSC's Child Development Center). Students volunteer one hour per week and write a final reflective paper to share what they have learned about children.

EDU-2110 Introduction to Exceptional Populations

Students are engaged in 15 hours of relevant volunteer experiences, such as tutoring a child with physical or mental challenges, providing respite care, or serving at the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

ENG-1052 Exposition and Analysis

Students write an essay in which they must be the reporters for a local news story. Typical news stories include the investigation of Lamoille County Mental Health, ambulance services, or the local women's shelter.

DAN-4130 Advanced Ballet/Modern Dance

Students perform class compositions or their own compositions in nursing homes and sometimes local schools.

THA-2122 Intermediate Acting
THA-3030 Children's Theater
THA-3210 Introduction to Directing

Each of the above classes culminate in the performance of full-length plays or collection of scenes. These works are toured to elementary schools or secondary schools where the exposure to theater is minimal. At each location, open forum discussions occur. Questions, comments and critical evaluation follow each performance.

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