Issues of Focus

Each year, SERVE leaders choose important social issues on which to focus their efforts.

2010-2011 Break Away Issues

The 2010-2011 trip destinations will be released after participant selections are completed.

The trips will focus on these issues:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Disaster Relief
  • Environmental Protection

2009-2010 Break Away Issues

In 2009-2010, JSC students, faculty and staff participated in the following service learning trips:

Art Awareness and Youth (April 2010)

All over the country, school budgets are being cut, and one of the first programs to be removed from curriculum is the Arts. The arts offer wonderful creative expression for children and are also a great confidence booster. It is important that we keep children involved and active, and educate them about the arts! This trip focuses on bringing art opportunities to youth at the elementary to high school ages. We will develop projects in the fields of studio art, dance, theater, and music and share our passion for the arts by leading workshops for these students. Come bring your love for the arts or education to those in need!

Disaster Relief (February 2010)

Quite often, areas of the United States are devastated by natural disasters causing damage to already devastated places. On this trip, we will work closely with other volunteers rebuilding houses, restoring neighborhoods and strengthening communities. If you don’t mind a little sweat and hard work, come help rebuild a city! Work will include: painting, yard work, landscaping, community cleanup, grounds beautification, community art projects and mural painting.

Hunger and Homelessness (February 2010)

Two million individuals experience homelessness every year in the USA, around 700,000 each night. Hunger and homelessness are huge problems in this country as well as around the world. We’ll explore these issues and possible solutions. Work may include: preparing and serving meals, distributing food, and providing children’s activities and maintenance work.

The Environment and Sustainable Agriculture (April 2010)

In a world where big business is growing and agriculture is a dying art, it is becoming increasingly important to learn where our food comes from and where it is going. This year on the Environmental Break Away trip, we will be participating in connecting local communities with sustainable farms.  Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer in a culmination of land stewardship including working on bioswales, in orchards and meadows, and assisting with crop maintenance.  Join us for an incredible experience, and let's get down and dirty!


For more information, contact Krista Swahn at or 802-635-1478.