Student Achievements: Caitlyn Dias

Caitlyn DiasClass of 2009

Major: Elementary Education

Caitlyn Dias is an education major whose interests led her to becoming a Break Away leader for a recent trip to Crotched Mountain School in New Hampshire. The residential and day school, which serves students in grades K-12 with developmental and physical disabilities. During the trip, Caitlyn worked with an inspiring teacher in a science classroom as well as lodging with residential students. She describes the experience as “one of the best weeks” of her life. She made friends with teachers and students there with whom she continues to keep in touch, and she is considering completing an internship there over the summer.

In addition to her Break Away leadership, Caitlyn also organizes CS Local trips on campus. These short-term volunteer opportunities provide JSC community members the chance to make a difference in the local communities without making a long-term commitment. This year, Caitlyn has participated in a Lamoille River clean-up, and is working on assisting a fellow JSC student with fundraising for a clean water project in the Sudan.

Caitlyn also teaches hip-hop dance. She began her career as a dance teacher working with the local arts organization River Arts,  and has since expanded her “classrooms,” instructing at places like the Lamoille Family Center and the Women’s Correctional Facility in Waterbury.

Additionally, in early May, 2009, Caitlyn and two fellow students presented a poster on their research on "Laughing Babies," a study they are assisting JSC Professor Gina Mireault with, in Washington, DC, at the annual Posters on the Hill event. You can read more about the event here.