Past Years' EDP Outstanding Alumni Awards Recipients

These awards are presented to EDP alumni of whom the College is particularly proud, who have made outstanding accomplishments in their careers and lives, whether in social service, business, or community service. Nominations come from faculty, staff, and alumni. Selection is made by the President of the College.

Joseph Allen '98

Katherine Blackett '95

Cynthia D. Borck '98

Jane Bradley '96

Owen Bradley '98

Chester Q. Briggs, Jr.'82

Carol Buchdahl '85

Emma P. Burke '84

Bonnie V. Fairbanks '81

Mary Field '84

Kathleen Francis '91

Jane Gomez-Dimotsis '79

Nina Smith Gilbert '87

Jeanne Kennedy '84

Sonya Ohlsson '94

Melanie A. Williams ''94

William R. Norful '95

Kathleen Sawyer '02