Master's Degree Outstanding Alumni Awards

These awards are presented to alumni who have earned Master's Degrees at JSC, who have made outstanding accomplishments in their careers and lives, whether in social service, business, or community service. Nominations come from faculty, staff, and alumni. Selection is made by the President of the College.Johnson State College, Vermont |Master's Degree Outstanding Alumni Awards

2008 Recipient

Won Lee, MFA Class of 2007

Won LeeWon Lee received his Master of Fine Arts. A sculptor, he was born in Korea, and lives and works in Toronto. Won spends time drawing and modeling the figure in clay, often refining the shapes into abstract forms before firing them in his backyard kiln. When he is not working in his Toronto studio, he travels to China or Mexico to cast his figures in bronze. He is a highly prolific and energetic artist, despite the fact that he was afflicted with polio while growing up in Korea. The effects of this disease have never stood in the way of his highly charged production. When constructing a two-meter-high clay model, he works without hesitation, without a break, and often without assistance. Won's figures are focused on a holistic pattern involving texture and exaggerated mannerisms of scale and proportion. He inscribes the ambient parts with a subtle, yet assured tactile resonance and, in doing so, manages to accentuate a faceting of the surface that enhances the feel of the material. Won Lee has been a resident and is a board member at the Vermont Studio Center.

In 2007 Won's sculpture, "Meditators," was installed on the Johnson State College campus. A generous gift from the artist, "Meditators" is appreciated daily by the campus community and our guests. Won Lee names the site his favorite location for the "Meditators."