Master's Degree Outstanding Alumni Awards

These awards are presented to alumni who have earned Master's Degrees at JSC, who have made outstanding accomplishments in their careers and lives, whether in social service, business, or community service. Nominations come from faculty, staff, and alumni. Selection is made by the President of the College.

2009 Recipient

Sally McCarthy, Master's in Counseling, Class of 1997
In the joint nomination letter for Sally McCarthy by JSC professors Gina Mireault, Ellie Webber, David Fink, and David Hutchinson, the foursome wrote, "It's hard to think of a graduate of one of our programs who could have done more to distinguish herself in providing such great service to the college, its graduate students, and the Vermont community." They continued, "For the past decade, Ms. McCarthy has taught courses at Johnson State and helped to administer our School Counseling program. Her students speak uniformly of her practical, no-nonsense, and competent demeanor in the classroom, and of her mentorship and inspiration for the work they will do as school counselors. She is the kind of school counselor we hope our students aspire to be." Sally says, "I have worked with many students and enjoy being their teacher, mentor and then colleague in a profession that I am passionate about. Education has been an important part of my life growing up and continues to be in my role as parent and community member." Her professional affiliations include serving as a board member for the Vermont School Counselor Association, and a member of the American School Counselor Association.