Financial Documentation

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau requires Johnson State College to obtain documentation from prospective international students demonstrating their ability to cover the cost of their JSC education. The cost of education includes tuition and fees, living expenses and miscellaneous expenses such as books, supplies, health insurance and other incidentals.


Each international student must demonstrate that he/she can meet these costs for the first year of study and, barring unforeseen circumstances, for subsequent years.

You may demonstrate your ability to pay your educational expenses at JSC in one of several ways:

If you will be supported by your government or a sponsoring agency, you may submit an official copy of your sponsorship award letter.

If you will be supported by a private benefactor (such as a relative or a business person), your sponsor must submit supporting documents demonstrating that sufficient funds are available to cover your educational expenses. Documents must bear an official seal or be printed on official letterhead. Examples of appropriate documents include:

      ° A certified letter from a bank stating available funds
      ° Official bank statements
      ° Official tax documents
      ° Official proof of personal or family savings

If support is to come from a sponsor within the United States, the sponsor should complete INS form I-134 (Affidavit of Support). You can find this form by going to


Figuring Out Your Ability to Pay


Use the following worksheet to determine the amount for which you must demonstrate the ability to pay:


  2014 - 2015 Annual Costs
for Canadian Undergraduate Students*
2014 - 2015 Annual Costs for Other InternationalUndergraduate Students
Tuition (up to 18 credits)
Mandatory Fees
Estimated Living Expenses
Health Insurance**
Books, supplies and misc.

Your Education Subtotal:
Add Your Dependent Care Expenses (if any):
+ $5,000 for spouse
+ $3,500 per child
Your Dependent Care Subtotal:

Your Education Total:


* Tuition for Canadian students is reduced through the "Good Neighbor" program.


** All students at Johnson State College are required to have health insurance. If you can show proof of other health insurance, the cost of college insurance will be waived. This price is the cost for one year of health insurance during the academic year. It does not include coverage for dependents.


Outside Sources of Funding

Johnson State College encourages its international students to seek financial assistance through outside sources and sponsors. For more detailed information on the availability of financial aid for foreign students, we encourage you to visit the following websites:



International Education Financial Aid-