Program Requirements

M.F.A. in Studio Arts

Candidates for the Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts degree will be expected to earn 60 credits as follows:

Program Sessions at the Vermont Studio Center
From May through November, the Vermont Studio Center offers seven four-week sessions that can fulfill graduate degree requirements. In each session, a different group of prominent visiting artists offer individual critiques and group discussion.

M.F.A. students are expected to take two four-week Studio Center program sessions a year and finish their degree within three years. These four-week program sessions do not need to be taken in sequence, but can be scheduled between May and November.

During these program sessions, JSC studio art faculty will visit to confer with students and facilitate M.F.A. seminars.

Six four-week, six-credit program sessions at the Vermont Studio Center: 36 total credits

Independent Studio Work
Students will complete two independent winter out-of-residency terms. All students will be expected to set up a working studio while away from Johnson in their community of residence. At three scheduled times during the term students will mail documentation of new work to the Johnson State faculty serving as M.F.A. program advisors.

Two, six-credit winter out-of residencies:12 total credits

Issues in Contemporary Arts
Students are required to enroll in two independent studies during their M.F.A. program. Each independent study comprises two summer seminars at Johnson State and a winter out-of-residency research project, for which students will investigate aspects of contemporary art in consultation with Studio Center artists. The summer seminars will examine art through slide-lectures, video, reading and discussion groups. The winter independent study will give students the opportunity to use cultural institutions in and near their hometowns, and regular contact with art faculty to support their investigation of a specific topic of contemporary art.

Two weekend seminars and a winter out-of-residency research project for three credits, completed twice, on different topics: 6 total credits

M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition
Students will produce a culminating body of work after all Vermont Studio Center sessions are completed.

6 total credits

M.A. in Counseling

This 60-credit hour program provides education and training opportunities for people wanting to work as school guidance counselors, as clinical mental health counselors, as substance abuse counselors or as counselors in college settings.

Whenever possible, the program faculty attempt to individualize the program to meet a student’s specific career objectives. Foundation, electives and field experiences are combined to provide the student with tools necessary to pursue an occupational interest in the counseling field.

The program has also built in personal development requirements for graduation. We are committed to your growth as a person, for we believe that quality counseling work is done best by people who are also prepared to work on themselves.

M.A. in Education

Degree requirements vary depending upon your concentration.